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How To Wear A Flannel Shirt: 15 Styling Ideas For Women

How To Wear A Flannel Shirt: 15 Styling Ideas For Women

Learn the effortless and fashionable ways to style your favorite flannel shirt.

If you want to know how to wear a flannel, then you have successfully landed on the right page because this article is meant just for you. Dynamic, simple, and versatile, a flannel shirt is a piece of clothing and wearing it, you will never go wrong. And the best part is that you can style in many different ways, and below, you will find out how. So, without any further delay, go ahead and give this piece a read to learn how to rock these shirts!

Cute Ways To Style Your Flannel Shirt

1. Flannel Sweater

Pair your flannel sweater with ankle boots


Just when you thought that flannels were all about shirts, we have proof that they are not. The plaid style has found its way into fall fashion, and pairing this with ankle booties is only fitting.

2. Plaid Cardigan

Wear your flannel cardigan in a trendy wayWear your flannel cardigan in a trendy way


Again, you didn’t see this coming, did you? I fell in love with the idea of a flannel cardigan and was just plain grateful for the novelty of the designer who came up with this. Another trendy way to rope the plaid print into your outfit.

3. Plaid Shirt Dress

Plaid shirt dresses for any body typePlaid shirt dresses for any body type


The best part about checkered or plaid shirt dresses is that they are effortlessly chic and suit just about any body type. There’s nothing to worry about if you are petite, plus or pear-shaped, it takes the shape of your body and sits beautifully on anyone.

4. With Knee-High Boots

Wear your flannel shirt with knee-high bootsWear your flannel shirt with knee-high boots


Break the monotonous practice of wearing a red and white plaid shirt and opt for this electric blue one instead. The next time you see a different colored plaid, do not shy away from wearing it because you know it looks great. To pamper yourself and the plaid a little more, sport that skinny denim and pull up a pair of thigh-high booties!

5. With A Camo Jacket In Winter

Pair your flannel shirt with a camo jacket in winterPair your flannel shirt with a camo jacket in winter


Raise your hand if you love camo jackets like me (more like borderline obsessed). Come winter, layer your plaid with a flannel shirt. The aesthetic of the shirt and the coat entirely complement each other, so you have got it all sorted.

6. With Leather Pants

Wear your flannel shirt with leather pantsWear your flannel shirt with leather pants


Leather pants or leather leggings have taken over the clothing lines for the last couple of seasons, and yes, you guessed it right, they go perfectly with flannels, especially if they are black.

7. The Cowboy Style

Wear your plaid shirt with boyfriend jeans for a cowboy lookWear your plaid shirt with boyfriend jeans for a cowboy look


Are you feeling a little tomboyish, I mean, cowboyish today? Your plaid shirt will go perfectly with your vibe. Plaid shirt, dark washed bootcut or boyfriend jeans, booties, and a sleeveless denim jacket should be your ideal outfit.

8. Distressed Denim And Ankle Booties

Wear your flannel shirt with distressed denimsWear your flannel shirt with distressed denims


Distressed denim or frayed shorts are another opportunity to rock that plaid shirt. You can either wear ankle length boots or converse shoes.

9. Flannel Shirt And A Formal Skirt

Wear your flannel shirt with a formal skirtWear your flannel shirt with a formal skirt


Try this fusion look with a formal skirt, plaid shirt, an overcoat, and stockings in winters. Who said you couldn’t do this? Also, why didn’t we think of this before?

10. With Shorts

Wear your flannel shirt with shortsWear your flannel shirt with shorts


Because there’s nothing like too much flanneling, and because we want to find a way to incorporate it into our dressing. If we don’t want to wear them, let’s tie it at the waist and act cute (what’s there to act?).

11. Oversized Flannel Shirt And Leggings

Wear your oversized flannel shirt with leggingsWear your oversized flannel shirt with leggings


If you love both flannels and oversized tops, let’s not settle for anything less than a top that gives you the best of both worlds. Oversized plaid shirts are a relatively latest addition, and have made us all mighty happy.

12. Open Flannel Shirt Style

Style your flannel shirt in winterStyle your flannel shirt in winter


Can you quickly think of one word that sums up fall? Go on, think about it! If your answer was ‘checkered’, high five sister! Checkered and how! Nothing like cozying up in soft flannel shirts and using them as layers to keep yourself protected from the cold breezes that remind you that winter is right around the corner. So, have fun while it lasts. Wear plain T-shirts, plaid shirts, and chunky accessories, and drink a lot of pumpkin spiced latte.

13. Bikini Cover Up

Wear your flannel shirt as a bikini cover upWear your flannel shirt as a bikini cover up


Let me be a little honest, I’m a little offended with myself that I did not think of this before, but I have used every beach vacation to over-compensate for my guilt. Anyway, the next time you are headed for a holiday, remember that you don’t have to carry a cover-up or worry if you forgot to take one. More power to our flannels!

14. With A Leather Skirt

Wear your flannel shirt with a leather skirtWear your flannel shirt with a leather skirt


Leather skirts or shorts can get you party ready in no time, but what if it’s a day party and you don’t want to wear tops that are blingy? Flannel. That is your answer. You can either wear it loose and oversized to make a statement, or do a front or half-tuck to add a little definition. Black ankle length booties will seal the deal.

15. One Piece Flannel Dress

Style your flannel dress with heelsStyle your flannel dress with heels


We have seen all kinds of shirts and T-shirt dresses, even the flannel ones, but if you want to be vocal about showing your love for flannels without actually saying anything, then you just got lucky. Next time you find a piece like this, remember what we discussed, there’s nothing like too much flanneling.

Flannels can never go out of style. It has a charm for the ages, and people across generations swear by it. Fashion novices love it, too! It speaks comfort as much as it speaks fashion. So, if you were thinking of throwing away that worn-out flannel from your wardrobe, stop! You could style it differently to transform it into a new look altogether. We hope you like our take on how to wear flannel in various fashionable ways. Try them out and get ready to impress your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you wear a flannel open or closed?

You can wear a flannel open or closed depending on how formal you want to appear and whether you are using it as an overlayer or wearing it as a shirt.

Do you wear anything under a flannel?

If you are wearing a flannel as an overshirt, you may wear a sweater or a basic tee-shirt, depending on how warm you need to be.

Should you tuck a flannel in?

Flannels are generally not designed to be tucked in. However, if you have a long enough flannel shirt, you can tuck it in to suit your outfit.

Do flannels work with sweatpants?

Not really. Pairing flannels with sweatpants may take the look from casual and relaxed to sloppy and lazy.

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