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How to Blend Eyeshadows Correctly

The eye shadow application requires special skills and patience. To achieve a stunning smoky eye makeup or carry out an ideal contouring, the technique of blending is of great importance. If you aim to cover your eyelids with an eye shadow for the first time or just want to create a fabulous eye makeup, take these essential rules as your inspiration. Here is powerful information on how to blend eyeshadows correctly.

How to Blend Eyeshadows Correctly

1.  Opt for Right Tools

When spreading your eyeshadow, you will need several tools. As you are not an expert who can achieve a faultless makeup look with fingers, you should reach for a makeup brush. You may apply your fingertips only in case you use gel products but for extra precision, you will need a brush. Consider that it’s crucial to have various types of brushes at hand. The brush type depends on the desired style. If your goal is to mix various shadows, you should take several brushes.

2.  Reach for a Blending Brush

To blend eyeshadows correctly, you should opt for a blending brush. Carry out light pressure and go for shadow blending, taking backward and forward directions to create a delicate line. Stick to wiper movements when blending the shadow on your external eye corner.

If you desire to blend two various shades, apply swirling movements. Tiny motions are essential when dealing with the joining point of the two shades. Carry out small circles to get rid of the evident line. Gradually, go for larger circles to completely blend the shadows.

3.  Bland the Colors in the Right Order

When creating a smoky eye makeup, first blend the white-toned shadow, then pass to the darker shade, such as grey and finish with the black tone. Otherwise, you will have a deep eye shadow tone on the entire lid. When applying contrasting tones, you should take two blending brushes to divide the shades. Learn that blending brush shouldn’t be used for other purposes, as well, such as eye shadow application.

4.  Get the Best Brush Type

The price of the brush doesn’t affect its quality. The most essential tip to consider is the purity of the brush. Be very attentive to clean your brushes properly before blending your eye shadow. Buy expensive brushes, if you are prone to frequent brush cleaning. Otherwise, you may opt for cheap brushes and throw away the old ones.

5.  Opt for Right Cleansers

Finding the right way of cleaning your brushes is a must. You should choose the best cleansing product for your brushes among the great variety. The easiest and the cheapest cleansing version is to opt for a baby shampoo. To carry out this cleansing process take a deep dish and fill it with warm water and shampoo (1 teaspoon). Immerse the brush into the mixture and wait for 10 seconds. Then wash the brush with cold water and wait until it becomes completely dry.

Towel is another great method to clean your makeup brush, as it helps you get rid of extra build up, making the brush ready for applying other shades.

6.  Create a Perfect Base with Primer

In case you aim to blend eyeshadows correctly, you should definitely go for primer. It has numerous advantages and the longevity of your eye makeup is the most essential one. It will also make your lids smoother, helping you carry out an easy blending. Shadow in a skin color may be a perfect substitution for your primer.

7.  Faultless Shadow Blending

To have an obvious gradient, you should go for ideal shadow blending. Otherwise, you will notice the starting and ending spots of each shade. If you aren’t too cautious when blending you shadows, you may face under or over blending.

8.  Choose Colors Properly

The number of shadow hues to apply on your lids depends on your personal taste. To rock a smoky eye makeup, you will need three tones, from light to dark for an amazing finish. To match the shadow colors with your skin tone, you may play with cream and tan tones, as well layer brown hue. Apply them correctly and spread the deepest tone on your crease, while the lightest color should be applied underneath the brow bone. After blending these colors, you may reach for the third hue.

9.  Work Properly with the Crease

There exist various shadow styles and you should opt for one which doesn’t get stuck in your crease. Everyone considers deep toned creases appealing and to achieve it, you should apply primer on your lids. Then opt for a light shadow tone and cover your lid with it. As for the crease, you should stick to deep brown tones. To add depth to your eyes, you should opt for a matte eye shadow instead of the glittery one.

After choosing the color, take the external eye edge as the starting point and stretch to the crease and stop before getting to the internal eye corner. Then take the blending brush and start working from the external edge, applying circular movements. Mix light and dark tones, getting a gradually lightening finish.

If you are just a beginner when applying your makeup and want to achieve a flawless look, you should be well aware of the best ways of blending eyeshadows correctly.

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