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How to Find Your Perfect Clothing Colors

Wearing always the way the latest fashion trends require is not enough to ensure a flawless look, as there are important factors that you also need to consider. Among these appear to be the color palette that you mainly go for as a lot depends on the colors that you choose. Moreover, as we all know there is a specific range of colors that looks perfectly flattering on each of us. Thus, if you wonder how to find your perfect clothing colors in order to have the perfect look, this is the right article for you!

According to stylists and experts of the field in order to wear the right colors you need to take into consideration your coloring including your eye color, hair, and skin tone. In fact, this doesn’t refer your dressing and only but your makeup look as well.

How to Find Your Perfect Clothing Colors

Now, that you know how important it is to choose the right colors, take a look at the information presented below and find out what colors look the best on you!

So, in order to find out what colors are the right ones for you, you need to follow the color analysis. The latter is an old method that assumes the analysis of your natural coloring including hair, skin, and eye and the corresponding of the combo to one of the four seasons. The reason why this happens is because each season has its characteristic range of colors. So, it becomes easier to understand to which category each of us belongs.

Now, before you start trying to figure out what season you belong to, you also need to know that there are 3 subcategories of each.

So, to find out what season you belong to and what are the right colors for you simply follow our guide!

Light Spring

Belonging to the light spring category assumes having:

  • Blue, green, turquoise, or light hazel eyes.
  • Light or medium golden blonde, ash blonde or light to medium brown hair
  • Ivory with peach tones, pink beige skin

Thus, the best colors for light spring are camel, khaki, light gray, blue charcoal, taupe, warm pastel pink, baby pink, clear salmon, coral, watermelon, fuchsia, clear red, creme, light green, bright golden yellow, moss green, blue green, clear aqua, powder blue, light purple, periwinkle and violet.

Clear Spring

Belonging to the clear spring category assumes having:

  • Turquoise blue, green, golden brown, topaz eye color.
  • Medium to dark brown or brown-black hair color.
  • Bronze, deep warm brown, brown-black, light ivory, light peach or porcelain skin color.

Of course, the best colors for light spring are Navy, gray, charcoal, black, light grey, turquoise, yellow, marigold yellow, mint, green, dark green, clear teal, hot turquoise, true blue, purple, purple-gray, peach, salmon, true red, warm pastel pink and hot pink.

Warm Spring

Belonging to the warm spring category assumes having:

  • Topaz, olive green, light hazel or warm turquoise eyes.
  • Light golden brown, red, strawberry blonde or deep golden blonde hair.
  • Bronze, golden beige, ivory or porcelain skin color.

The best colors for warm spring are camel, bronze, golden brown, dark brown, stone, gray green, peach, light orange, coral, tomato red, rust, buff, green, light true green, evergreen, emerald turquoise, jade, teal, moss and deep periwinkle.

Light Summer

Belonging to light summer category assumes having:

  • Blue, gray or green eyes.
  • Light to medium ash blonde or light to medium ash brown hair.
  • Pale beige, porcelain, ivory or pink beige skin color.

The perfect color palette for light summer includes light gray, gray blue, cocoa, taupe, powder pink, rose pink, rose, coral pink, clear salmon, clear red, light lemon yellow, light aqua, blue green, spruce, light navy, sky blue, medium blue, lavender and violet.

Soft Summer:

If you find yourself belonging to this category then you definitely have:

  • Gray-blue, hazel or soft turquoise eyes.
  • Light to medium ash brown or mousy brown hair.
  • Light to medium neutral beige or ivory skin color.

The perfect color palette for soft summer includes medium gray, light gray, taupe, cocoa, rose, raspberry, rose pink, deep rose, baby pink, soft fuchsia, burgundy, light lemon yellow, light green, turquoise, jade, green, forest green, navy, periwinkle, lavender, dusty purple and teal.

Cool Summer

Cool summer assumes having:

  • Gray, blue, or slate eyes.
  • Medium to deep ash brown hair with no red tones.
  • Ivory, pink beige, gray beige or neutral beige skin color.

The best colors for cool summer are Light gray, gray blue, cocoa, buff, light brown, taupe, icy pink, soft fuchsia, deep rose, burgundy, turquoise, jade, green, aqua, light aqua, true aqua, lavender, dusty purple, warm dusty purple, periwinkle and navy.

Deep Autumn

Deep autumn assumes having:

  • Dark brown, dark hazel, black, or dark green eyes.
  • Medium brown, medium to deep auburn, dark brown deep chestnut or black hair.
  • Warm beige, neutral beige, golden brown, dark brown or olive skin color.

The perfect color palette for deep autumn includes black brown, black, light yellow, marigold, peach, terracotta, salmon pink, tomato red, deep red, true red, dark rose, lemon yellow, camel, jade, moss, lime bronze, hot turquoise, cerulean, Chinese blue, evergreen, dark purple and purple.

Soft Autumn

Soft autumn means that you have:

  • Light brown, soft hazel, blue, or gray-green eyes.
  • Golden blonde to medium brown or mousy brown hair.
  • Ivory, neutral beige, warm beige, golden brown skin color.

The perfect color palette for soft autumn includes mahogany, brown, medium gray, camel, khaki, gray, light peach, deep rose, light coral, dusty pink, coral, terracotta, buttermilk, mint, emerald turquoise, turquoise, jade, evergreen, purple and dark purple aubergine.

Warm Autumn

If you find yourself belonging to warm autumn category then you might have:

  • Brown, olive green, hazel or topaz eyes.
  • Medium golden brown, red, auburn, strawberry blonde or golden blonde hair
  • Bronze, golden brown, golden beige, ivory, or warm beige skin color.

The colors that seem to work the best for warm autumn types are Camel, khaki, coffee brown, cream, medium brown, dark brown, light salmon, dark peach, salmon, pumpkin, rust, terracotta, aubergine, light yellow, light moss, evergreen, marigold, emerald turquoise, teal, forest green, deep periwinkle and purple.

Deep Winter

If your coloring screams deep winter then you have:

  • Black, black-brown, or dark hazel eyes.
  • Hair: Black-brown, medium brown, steel gray, or salt & pepper hair color.
  • Skin: Black, medium beige, black-brown, or olive skin color.

The best colors for deep winter are black, charcoal, black-brown, red-brown, icy gray, gray, hot pink, true red, rust, aubergine, blue red, mint, lemon yellow, light green, emerald green, olive, purple, clear teal, bright periwinkle, blue, navy and Chinese blue.

Clear Winter

Clear winter assumes having:

  • Bright blue, hazel, violet or green eyes.
  • Black, chestnut, medium brown or dark brown hair.
  • Skin: Black, deep brown, neutral beige, pale olive or milky white skin.

The colors that appear to be the most flattering for clear winter are medium gray, charcoal, black, dark taupe, icy gray, taupe, icy blue, icy lavender, lavender, icy pink, clear red, raspberry, raspberry pink, aubergine, icy yellow, bright golden yellow, hot turquoise, emerald turquoise, purple, dark purple, royal blue and navy.

Cool Winter

Cool winter,on the other hand assumes having:

  • Charcoal gray, blue, dark brown or violet eye color.
  • Hair: Blue-black, silver, salt & pepper hair color with no red tones at all.
  • Skin: Cool brown, olive, or neutral beige skin color.

The best colors for cool winter type are light gray, medium gray, dark gray, black, charcoal, taupe, rose pink, hot pink, purple, blue red, deep rose, burgundy, icy blue, icy pink, lemon yellow, emerald turquoise, hot turquoise, bright periwinkle, royal blue, purple, navy and dark purple.

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