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How to Fight Oily Summer Skin

Dealing with oily skin becomes even harder during the summer season, as the risks of appearing everywhere with a shiny skin are higher during that time of the year. However, there are certain beauty tricks and tips that guarantee to easily lead you to the desired results! Thus, in order to find out what’s all about, simply follow reading below and find out how to fight oily summer skin!

How to Fight Oily Summer Skin

Avoid Using Too Much Makeup

Applying too much makeup on can be one of the biggest mistakes that one can do when dealing with oily skin. Wondering why? Well, because applying too much makeup will clog your pores and increase shine, which is definitely something unwanted when having oily skin. Also, using a tinted moisturizer or a light BB cream instead of regular foundation or simply sticking with a mineral foundation will help you to control excess oil.

Avoid Skipping the Toner

A toner is a must when it comes to creating a new skin care regime especially for summer season. In fact, sticking with anti-shine or alcohol-free tones would be the best thing to do in order to perfectly treat oily summer skin.

Use Acne Cleansers

Ok, you don’t have to start using acne cleansers only when you are facing acne issues as the latter are also well-known for preventing breakouts and perfectly controlling the levels of excess oil. So, before you rush to make a decision, give it a second thought.

Choose the Right Sunblock

Another thing that you have to pay attention to when trying to treat oily skin rightly is the sunblock that you are about to purchase. What we suggest you to go for is a sunblock that contains titanium oxide and micronized zinc, as these ingredients can perfectly deal with shine. Also, a sunblock with “alcohol denat” or so called “SD alcohol 40” can be the perfect choice as it can perfectly control shine.

Use Bloating Papers

Using bloating papers especially becomes important during the summer season. So, in order to treat an oily skin properly you also need to make sure you always have bloating papers with you everywhere you go!

Avoid Thick Creams

Among the most effective ways of fighting against shine appears to be the easy trick of using a moisturizing lotion or a hydrating serum instead of a heavy night cream. So, if you want to fight oily summer skin you definitely need to make this seasonal update!

Use your Toner Twice a Day

Using a toner at least twice a day can also be a great way to guarantee controlling oil excess. So, if you want to exclude any possibility of appearing with an oily, shiny skin, make sure you use your toner for more than once a day.

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