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Eyebrow Bleaching Tips and Tricks

Eyebrow bleaching has been on trend for many years. It was sported not only on the runways but by numerous celebrities, as well. In case you are enticed to go for it, get acquainted with the bleaching process and find out the effects on your total look. You may either lighten your brows or turn them invisible. Here are essential eyebrow bleaching tips and tricks that should be taken into account in case you have a strong desire to sport this amazing trend.

Eyebrow Bleaching Tips and Tricks

1.  The Trend of Bleached Brows

 Eyebrows in a light shade have been featured at Fashion Week. However, in 2014 this trend was tried by almost all celebrities. While Kendall Jenner together with Lara Stone sported the trend of eyebrow bleaching on the runways, such celebrities as Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and many others tried it on the red carpets.

2.  Temporary Eyebrow Bleaching

Many celebrities and models opt for temporary eyebrow bleaching before sticking it for a long time, and it’s one of the eyebrow bleaching tricks one should follow. You may get the look with the help of a brow pencil or a tinted gel. You may also rely on foundation as well as powder and find out whether eyebrow bleaching is for you or not.

3.  Consider that Eyebrow Bleaching May Not Suit You

Though bleached eyebrows may look splendid on celebrities, as they are born with a perfect bone structure, you should consider that they may not suit you at all. Consider your bone structure before bleaching your brows. Otherwise you may get a strange look with a larger forehead.

4.  Brow Growth Will Spoil Your Total Look

In case of bleaching tresses, you have to bother about the growth roots. But in case of brow bleaching, speckling becomes an object of worry, which happens when growth of new brows occurs, and they are in a natural shade. Thus, accepting that you will have dark brows in a month is another eyebrow bleaching tip.       

5.  Don’t Apply Only Bleach

Bleaches, designed for facial hair, remove the color of the hair, turning it orange instead of yellow. Applying only bleach you will fail to achieve the desired color. There may be a necessity of applying tinted gel. To make your brows lighter in shade, you may let it stay on your brows for a long time, which may certainly cause damage.       

6.  Damp Hair Gets a Darker Look

You should consider another great eyebrow bleaching trick before experimenting with it. Bear in your mind that damp hair gets a darker look. Thus, washing the bleach when the brows are still dark is a reasonable step. In case they are not in the desired shade, you may reapply bleach, which will cause the brow hair dye.    

7.  Never Bleach Your Brows if They are Sparse

Bleaching eyebrows isn’t a great idea, if your brows are sparse. In this case, you had better let the bleach stay on your brows for a short time. For an ideal look, give up brow trimming, as light shades don’t go well with thin eyebrows.   

8.  The Aging Feature of Bleached Brows

As aging causes hair lightening, you should know that eyebrow bleaching may give you extra years. So, to create a subtle look is another eyebrow bleaching tips to opt for. You will lose your jovial look unless you define your brows perfectly.  

9.  Trust Experts

If you desire to lighten your brows you are advise to ask experts for help. It may not be easy for you to achieve perfectly bleached brows, while the specialist may help you get the desired cool shade.   

10.  Have an Eyebrow Pencil Handy

Filling in your brows is enlisted in the eyebrow bleaching tricks. It’s a must even in case of owning bold eyebrows. The brow pencil tip may change the shade of your brows, as well.

One should definitely accept that it would be impossible to go for eyebrow bleaching without considering the essential tips and tricks.


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