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The Different Types of Foundations and the One You Need

While the choice of the lipstick color depends on the tone of your skin and on your personal taste, the case with your foundation is a bit difficult. When opting for the right foundation, you should have a great knowledge of your skin type. Consider whether your skin is greasy or dry and whether it’s normal or sensitive. Take into account the main problem of your skin and look for ways of concealing them. The problems may be quite different, from acne to spots caused by UV rays. After finding out all these essential needs, you may reach for the right foundation.

However, it’s essential to know that your skin is exposed to changes when aging. The foundation types are quite different, which makes you spend more time on choosing the perfect formula. Fortunately, there exists the foundation you need, and you should only be very careful when looking for it. Thus, we present the different types of foundations and the best ways of application, which will help you find the one you need.

The Different Types of Foundations and the One You Need

1.  Wear Tinted Moisturizer

When applying makeup on your skin, it’s essential to stick to a tinted moisturizer. It’s packed with hydrating features and will give you a transparent coverage. This product may be great both for normal and problematic skin types, as it provides the necessary amount of moisture. Spread it on your skin with the help of your fingertips to achieve fantastic results.   

2.  Opt for BB Cream

The BB cream has much in common with a tinted moisturizer. It may provide you with light coverage and hydration. Besides, the BB cream is packed with numerous beneficial qualities. It acts against aging and is high in SPF. Use your fingertips to apply the product on your skin.   

3.  Go for CC Cream

CC cream is another type of foundation which you need to apply after BB cream. In case of facing hyper pigmentation, caused by UV rays or acne, CC cream is your key to achieve light coverage and even complexion, getting rid of dark spots. To apply it on your skin, opt for a buffing brush or rely on your fingertips.

4.  Go for Serum-Based Foundation

Serum foundation is one of the best types you will definitely need. It comes to complete the benefits of other foundation types. Due to its thin texture, the serum foundation may be applied in numerous layers, creating either transparent or medium coverage. Though this foundation is great for various types of skins, you had better stick to it in case of skin problems. Serum foundation diminishes pores and makes the complexion even. However, you should apply it regularly to make your skin look better. The runny formula of this product lets your fingertips to apply it.   

5.  Opt for Liquid Foundation

There are various types of liquid foundation, which will give you all types of coverage. The more you apply the product, the more coverage you will get. In case your skin is oily, purchase products, which are deprived of oil. In case your skin is dry or normal, get products with illuminating features. Depending on the texture of the foundation, opt for either a buffing brush or your fingertips.

6.  Try Mousse Foundation

The mousse foundation is among the different types we should mention. Though it gives you full coverage, your skin will get lighter texture. The mousse foundation is ideal for all types of skins with its matte finish. Use a wet sponge to spread the product on your skin.     

7.  Wear a Cream-Based Foundation

Cream foundation has a heavy texture, which means it won’t give you light coverage. As it’s high in oil, you had better apply it both on your normal and dry skin types. Use a wet sponge to go for the perfect blending of the product.

8.  Opt for Stick Foundation

Experimenting with a stick foundation is a great idea, as you will only need to paint it on your skin and carry out blending to get medium coverage. Due to its creamy formula, the stick foundation may be great for normal and dry types of skins. Consider that oily types of skins may also stick to this product. Use a buffing brush to blend the product.  

9.  Opt for Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is the one you need for all types of coverage. In case it isn’t layered with another product, you will achieve light coverage. Otherwise, the full coverage will be got. Dry-skinned women should avoid this type of foundation, as it’s great for oily and normal skin types. Use circular movements and a buffing brush to get fantastic results.  

Look carefully at each foundation type and find the one you need. Don’t forget to take into account the properties of your skin.

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