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Beginner’s Guide to Wearing Simple Eyeliner

Eyeliner is the key of creating more defined eyes for many women. However, eyeliner application is a bit tricky, as it requires precision. We adore the perfect cat eye makeup with a smudgy touch, achieved with liquid eyeliner. Each woman should have eyeliners in various tones; from black to white as well as hot shades for a striking effect.

We should admit that beginners may get frustrated with eyeliner application, as it is a bit difficult if you have never worn it before. No matter whether you would like to spread eyeliner on the upper and bottom eyelids or just along the waterline, here is the beginner’s guide to wearing simple eyeliner.

Beginner's Guide to Wearing Simple Eyeliner

In case you reach for eyeliner for the first time, you should just stick to a cream-based waterproof liner in a black shade. Start practicing with pencil liner and then opt for liquid one.

There are various ways of applying pencil liner and below we will introduce to you three simple eyeliner tricks.

1.  The Essence of Tightlining

Tightlining means prodding liner in the eyelashes, giving them a fuller and luxurious effect. It seems like you pull off little eyeliner but your lashes look dark and thick.

Here is the beginner’s guide to wearing simple eyeliner. Just make your pencil sharp and spread liner in your top eyelashes. Make sure you fill in all the noticeable holes, which will take you several minutes. Just a little practice will give you a chance to tightline more quickly.

2.  The Essence of Waterlining

Waterline is the part where your eyeball gets in contact with. The essence of waterlining is providing the lashes with a fuller and fabulous touch. It creates an illusion that you wear another layer of lashes. After applying mascara and swiping eyeliner on your top lash line, you may go for waterlining to define your eyes even more. This trick will brighten your eyes and make them look wider.

Before applying the pencil liner, stretch your upper lid upwards with the help of the pointer finger. Spread the pencil eyeliner along your waterline and reapply in case of noticing gaps. You may also line your lower waterline and then reach for mascara for a dramatic look.

3.  Master a Cat Eye Makeup

Tightly stretch the external corner of your lid, as your aim is to create a precise line and prevent wiggles. Apply the pencil liner from the internal eye corner and create a close line, stretching to the outer eye corner. To master a gorgeous cat eye makeup, put a dot at the end of the flick and then join the line and the dot.

As it’s a bit difficult for the beginner to wear cat eye makeup, you may Q-tip and makeup remover to correct the mistakes.

Thus, you may reach for a spoon or a tape when applying liquid or gel eyeliner to achieve precision and prevent smudging.

When wearing simple eyeliner, don’t forget to take into account this essential guide for beginners.

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