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Beauty Tips You Can Stick To During Your Period

During your period your body may be exposed to hormonal changes, which may also cause harm to your skin. Facing large pores and lifeless skin, under eye puffiness and flat tresses, have a look at the most common beauty problems you may be facing during your period and their solutions. Find out the most essential beauty tips you can stick to during your period to be able to combat numerous skin problems as a reason of hormonal changes.

Beauty Tips You Can Stick To During Your Period

1.  Glow Faking

When you notice that your skin has become dull, you can reach for numerous options to conceal the issue. Search for illumination enhancing products, such as concealer or foundation, as well as serums and moisturizing products. Herbal masks applied on your face may also be beneficial, especially those packed with antioxidants, due to the formulas such as green tea.   

2.  Combat Oil

Because of hormonal changes, there are days when your skin becomes extremely oily. Getting the right cleansing products is a beauty tip you can stick to during your period. Seek for a product low in pH and high in anti-inflammatory features. You may also opt for special products, which are recommended to skins prone to acne, as they are rich in salicylic acid. To purify your pores and fight against bacteria you may also apply sulfur masks.    

3.  Fight Puffiness with Perfect Massaging

It’s quite unpleasant to deal with puffiness, mostly under the eyes, where it can’t stay invisible. The essential thing to fight against puffiness is hydration, but adding massages will also combat fluid possession. Carry out massages with gentle and circular movements when applying cleanser to be able to diminish puffiness.     

4.  Diminish the Pores

The best way of diminishing the pores is to make them pure, which is another essential beauty tip you can stick to during your period. To clean your pores opt for salicylic and glycolic acids. To achieve the same effect, you may substitute them for a paste, made with water and baking soda. Purify your face with this paste each day and go for massaging.

5.  Combat Dry Skin

Low estrogen level may give rise to dry skin, as well. Never be afraid of changing various moisturizing products in case your skin becomes dry during several months. Opt for a moisturizer with a heavy consistence, meanwhile being assured that it doesn’t lead to pore clogging.    

6.  Makeup Adjustment

Another beauty tip you can stick to is to replace powders with creams in order to create a flattering makeup. Before applying cream shadow, go for eye primer and don’t forget about moisturizing your lips by applying balm.   

7.  Skin Protection

The hormonal changes may enhance the sensitivity of your skin to the sun rays. Thus, you may face several skin problems in case of avoiding SPF. Don’t go for makeup products, rich in SPF, and instead, spread it under the foundation, to achieve a long lasting protection during the whole day.   

8.  Hair Revitalization

Hair conditioning and hair protection may be considered one of the most important beauty tips to apply during the period, mostly in case you deal with volume deprivation and hair dryness. Apply volume enhancing products and go for blow drying using the cooler setting. The shine spray is also a great idea.   

9.  Never Skip Preventive Measurements

Though you have to carry out many activities during your period to combat all the problems, never skip taking care of your skin after the period. Preventive measurements are of great importance, as they won’t allow the issues to be hard latter.

10.  Check Your Diet

Together with all these beauty tips, you shouldn’t forget about the importance of diet on your skin. Enlarge the use of foods packed with phytoestrogens as well as polyphenols. Use lots of dark chocolate and flax seed. Skip meals high in carbs.  

To enjoy your perfect beauty look, you had better stick to the most crucial beauty tips and fight against countless skin issues, such as acne and oily or dry skin types during your period.

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