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4 Easy Tips to Remove Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs are one of the troublesome issues for many women. These rough hairs appear after shaving and hide under the skin. Besides being painful, it seems rather difficult to remove ingrown hair. It will prevent you from wearing bathing suits and make you reach for tweezers to remove the unpleasant ingrown hair. Thus, these 4 easy tips of removing ingrown hair may be your chance to feel confident and attractive without being ashamed of opening your skin.

Throw away all the razors, which are not sharp and which may cause sore and irritation. Instead opt for exfoliation and then carry out shaving. Get accustomed to buying shaving creams which are high in emollients and are packed with moisturizing features. Your shaving cream may also include coconut oil or it may be high in mango butter, which will soften your skin in the process of shaving.

Easy Tips to Remove Ingrown Hair

It’s proved that if you want to skip having ingrown hair, you should forget about shaving at all. Dermatologists recommend shaving when there is a great necessity. However, even in case of diminishing the shaving process, you won’t be deprived of unpleasant bumps. You may stay away from the problem of ingrown hairs just by skipping several bad habits, such as carrying out shaving in those parts which are likely to give rise to ingrown hair.

Thus, don’t get into panic, as you don’t have to go for laser treatments in order to remove ingrown hairs, as there are natural remedies to fight against these annoying bumps.

1.  Opt for Exfoliation

Each of us desires to remove the ingrown hairs before they turn into an unpleasant bump. One of the essential tips requires exfoliating the problematic area twice a day by preparing a paste with baking soda and raw honey, adding nutmeg powder, as well. This splendid combo will get rid of the dead cells, diminishing inflammation, too. Honey will soften the affected area. It will make the ingrown hairs come to the surface.   

2.  Stick to Heat

When noticing ingrown hairs, you may easily remove it with a hot compress, as it will soften your skin and unclog the pores, making the ingrown hair get out without any difficulty. Apply a hot washcloth on the affected area and let it stay there for 10 minutes.

3.  Remove the Trapped Hair

Opt for a sharp tool and make sure it is completely clean in order to remove the ingrown hair. Apply tweezers with a pointed tip, steep it into alcohol to skip irritation. To be able to take out the ingrown hair without leaving some part under your skin, opt for right tweezers and remove it after getting enough length.

Easy Tips to Remove Ingrown Hair

4.  Fight Against Inflammation

Fighting inflammation is one of the easy tips when removing ingrown hair. Apply products high in anti-inflammatory features as well as Vitamin E. You may prepare a DIY recipe by combining rose water (3 parts) and aloe vera (1 part), as well as tea tree oil together with witch hazel. Store the paste in the fridge and it will combat inflammation.

These 4 tips will help you rid yourself of the ingrown hair without causing infection to your skin. Fortunately, there are natural treatments, which are neither painful nor expensive.

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