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17 Fragrance Hacks to Make Your Perfume Smell Fresh

Each woman has her favorite fragrance and wants to enjoy its smell for a long time. However, not everyone is aware of the essential rules of keeping the smell of the fragrance fresh. To help you we will give you information on several fragrance hacks to make your perfume smell fresh.

1.  Skip keeping your perfume in the bathroom and at any warm place, as heat and moisture may affect the fragrance in a bad way. You had better place them in a place where it’s cool and dry, such as in your bedroom. Make sure, they are not at the window.

Fragrance Hacks to Make Your Perfume Smell Fresh


2.  If you want your fragrance stay long on your skin and smell fresh, you should go for one of the hacks and coat your pulse with Vaseline before applying the perfume. Consider that dry skin won’t keep the smell longer.  

3.  Reach for a scent-free lotion and then spray your perfume. Consider that oily skin makes the fragrance smell fresh. Applying a moisturizer product, the fragrance will be locked in.

4.  You are advised to have a bath and immediately reach for the perfume, as your skin is still wet and will give you a long-lasting smell. Skip applying the fragrance after wearing your clothes to skip any unpleasant stains.  

5.  Avoid wrist rubbing after applying the perfume, as it will make the scent vanish quickly. Thus, the fragrance won’t have a long life on your skin.

6.  To skip having a strong scent, apply the perfume into the air and pass under it to get the smell on your body. It will give you a chance to smell fresh and light.

7.  To give your hair a pleasant smell, you may apply perfume. However, you are advised to skip spraying it into your tresses, as the alcohol will make them dry. Thus, you may apply the perfume on your brush and then comb your tresses in order to get a pleasant smell and protect your locks.  

8.  There are special fragrances, which may be used just for your tresses to provide a light smell without causing drying.

9.  Instead of throwing away the empty bottle of your perfume, you may pour the remnant drop into your oil-free lotion and use it later.

10.  To create a unique smell, you may go for layering of various perfumes and use different smells After getting the best combination, spray it on your body. First apply the stronger smell and then opt for the lighter one.

11.  In case you try various perfumes and you want to get rid of the smell because it seems unpleasant to you, stick to the makeup sponge.

12.  Replace blotter papers with business cards to test various fragrances and find the best one for you.

13.  To find the true smell of your perfume, you should give it some time to dry completely. Consider that the first smell is cheating and it vanishes in a minute.

14.  If you crave for a pleasant smell even at night, you may go for another fragrance hack and apply it directly on your pillow. The light smell has a calming effect, which you will feel when sleeping.

15.  There is always a need of perfume touchups when being at a great party. To get it, you may apply fragrance on cotton swabs and keep them in closed bags. They will be a fabulous substitution for a perfume bottle.

16.  To make your perfume smell fresh, you may put tissue papers into your drawers, apply the fragrance and then place your outfits. In this way, they will be able to enjoy a fabulous smell.

17.  To make your towels smell fresh, hide a soap bar in your drawer and you will get a pleasant scent after taking them out.

Everything from prepping your skin to storing the fragrance in the right place, here are the most essential fragrance hacks to make your perfume smell fresh. Don’t ignore them if you want your friends get tempted with the odor of your perfume.

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