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10 Right Steps To Follow to Remove Makeup

There’s a golden rule in the beauty world according to which makeup must be wiped off before going to bed. Of course that’s not only because makeup leaves stains on the sheets but also because the chemicals may actually irritate your skin. Whether you want to have more detailed information on the topic or you just want to ensure you’re doing it the right way, we’ve got all your answers, presenting the right steps of removing makeup!

Right Steps To Follow to Remove Makeup

Makeup Must Be Removed before Sleep

Well, usually we’re too tired and the only thing that we think about is having a good sleep. However it’s very important to remove makeup before heading to bed. While you sleep your skin regenerates itself. So by leaving your makeup on you keep the pores clogged preventing the restoration process.

It can be Risky for your Skin

Leaving makeup on might lead to having an irritated skin with break outs, fine lines and puffiness. So removing makeup before bed assumes protecting your skin from all kind of damages caused by chemicals.

Makeup Remover Wipes Aren’t the Best

Although it seems to be an easy and very quick remedy, a makeup remover wipe isn’t the best option to go for as it does not provide intense cleanse. Makeup remover wipes only clean the product from the surface of your skin. So they can be used only on the first part of makeup removal ritual.

Keep your Hair Off of your Face

Gather your hair up into a ponytail and wear a headband if you happen to have bangs. It is important to have your hairline exposed as that’s were makeup residue tends to build up.

Double Cleanse

First of all wash your face to get the first layer off of your face then start using the needed products for deep cleanse. Keep in mind that the second part is when you need to massage your skin to boost circulation and maintain a healthy glow.

Start with Your Lips

Whether you’re wearing a nude shade or a vibrant lip color the makeup removal must start from your lips.

Next Up is Your Eyes

Gently remove makeup from eye area using the right products. Note that the skin on that are is very sensitive. So you should avoid rubbing in any case. We recommend using cotton pads and eye makeup remover to achieve the desired effects without running a risk of harming your skin.

Petroleum Jelly can do Miracles

Petroleum jelly is a very effective eye makeup remover, especially when it comes to removing dark eye makeup. Give it a try and see how you like the results.

Take Off your Base

On the last step you’re expected to remove your foundation. To achieve the desired effects, you have to apply makeup remover on, rinse off and finish off with a toner and a moisturizer.

Steam is a Good Option

Help to remove any excess oil and enjoy a having a healthy looking smooth skin by following a simple step. Soak a washcloth in hot water and leave it in for a few seconds then take it off and place it on your face to get the desired effects.

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