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Your Ultimate Guide on Curling Hair At Home

Voluminous, bouncy curls always have their special spot in the top charts of the biggest beauty trends. Now those of you who were lucky enough to have naturally curly hair don’t really have to put too much effort while for the rest of us there some work to do. Of course that’s not something to worry about as there are some super cool styling tips that come with guaranteed effects! Now to find out what’s all about you just need to follow this easy guide on curling hair at home presented below!

Guide on Curling Hair At Home

DIY Curling Tips

Flexi Rods

This is an old way of curling hair that we owe to the rich history of fashion world. For guaranteed effects we suggest keeping them on overnight and releasing the morning after. Flexi rods are long sticks wrapped in foam that you wrap around your strands so you can get the desired results. Depending on what size of curls you want to get you can either choose thick and shorter rods or opt for thinner versions of it.

Regular Curlers

There is a big variety of curlers available out there and depending on what style you want to create you can make your choice. The classic curlers stand out for being very practical as there is no need of any special styling skills to make them work.

Braided Strands

This is the easiest hair curling method! Depending on how tight you make them and on the size of your braids you can choose what type of curly style you what to get.  Note that braiding dump hair is a good idea for this specific case.

Twisted Buns

Section your hair into four or six sections, twist each section into a tight bun and clip it on the back of your head. Leave it on for couple hours (or overnight if you don’t mind it) and enjoy showing off a gorgeous curly style!

Curls with Hair Dryer and Round Brush

To achieve the desired results you just need to comb through your hair with the brush until you almost reach the ends of your strands and then start twisting your hair with the brush and blow-drying. You can do the same with a regular brush as well.

Heat Curling

To make it work you need to use 2 or 3 different size barrels at the same time. This is also an easy curling way as all you need to do is curl different size sections of the hair in different directions and finish off with a hairspray. Easy and effective!

Ponytail Curls

This is the fastest and the easiest curling method! It is not accidental that many stylists call it ”to-go” styling trick. Now according to this curling trick you need to gather your hair into a low pony, take sections of and start curling. Once you finish curling just release your ponytail, set your hair and that’s it! Enjoy the results!


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