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Worst Exercises to Try If You Have Back Problems

Each exercise may cause damage to you if performed in the wrong way, but several exercises are certainly the enemy for the back despite of being gentle and simple.

Find out the exercises worth skipping if you have a back problem, and diminish the pain, stopping its future development. Thus, stay away from these worst exercises, which are bad for you if you have back problems.

Worst Exercises to Try If You Have Back Problems

1.  Doing Toe Touches

Toe touches are among the worst aerobic exercises that are harmful for the lower part of your back, mostly in case you perform them sins stretching. You will put your back under the pressure when carrying out toe touching, as your body is kept in a straight position. In case you feel a long lasting pain after this exercise, you had better give it up and consult a doctor.   

2.  Doing Sit-Ups

Though sit-ups are great for your core muscles, they are one of the worst exercises that cause back problem. In case you perform this type of exercise with the help of the hips, the pressure falls on your back. Crunches will also provide back problems. Replace them with planks, as they are less harmful for your back. Besides, they are great for the abdominal muscles, as well.

3.  Doing Leg Lifts

No matter whether you perform single or double leg lifts, they are negative for your back, especially for the lower part. The most difficult thing in performing this exercise is staying a straight position. Skip any injury risk by staying away from raises with double legs.     

4.  Doing Push-Ups

When not performed in the proper way, push-ups may become one of the worst exercises in case of back problems. If you aren’t accustomed to them, they may be dangerous in case of overdoing. Make your spine take a flat position, tuck in your elbows and tighten the core muscles to be able to stay away from back pain.

5.  Performing High Impact Aerobic Exercises

Your back will certainly ache, if you don’t perform high impact aerobics on the soft surface. If you already feel pain in your back, you had better carry out another type of workout, such as pilates. Take a right position in order not to damage your back if you are prone to performing high impact aerobics.

6.  Doing Squats and Lunges

In case your core is not strong, you had better stay away from squats and lunges, as they aren’t the best exercises for your back. To diminish the risk of these workouts that cause harm to your spin, you should pull the chest out and keep the back straight. Never bend your knees too much when performing this exercise.   

7.  Performing Behind the Neck Lat Pulldowns

Though this type of exercise is great for the spine muscles, it can cause damage to the shoulders. The spin should be kept in a straight pose, which will give much pressure to the shoulders. In this case, you had better perform frontal lat pulldowns.     

8.  Doing Punching as well as Kicking

Punching as well as kicking may be a real harm to your spin. The dangerous part of these workouts is that it causes injury to the rotator cuffs. These muscles are responsible for the right replacement of your shoulders.  

9.  Doing Kettlebell Exercises

No matter whether you opt for kettlebell snatches or give preference to swings, bear in your mind that this exercise may cause injury to your back. Be assured of the core muscles strength and in case you are a new starter, go for exercising with an experienced trainer.    

10.  Doing Torso Twists

Torso twists is among the worst exercises that you should skip trying if you have back problems. They involve dangerous moves and if you perform them, using gym equipments, the stress will be put on your back. The lower part of your back may be the first place to be injured. Thus, you are recommended substituting torso twists for crunches.   

In case you face back problems or just desire to skip them, make sure to avoid these exercises.

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