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Best Workout Secrets of Celebrities That You Need To Know

Celebrities are obliged to stay fit and take care of their body properly, as they are always on the stage or show off their lingerie. Though keeping a diet is crucial, the great responsibility falls on workouts. Here are the best workout secrets of celebrities that each woman should know. Take your inspiration from Beyonce’s perfect body or go for Jennifer Aniston’s eye-catching thighs, following their workout tricks.

Best Workout Secrets of Celebrities That You Need To Know

1.  Beyonce

Plyometrics is a workout type that is carried out by a great celebrity Beyonce to get perfect curves. Marco Borges informs that Beyonce opts for sprint interval together with squats but the great responsibility of getting a super attractive figure is the plyometrics workout.

2.  Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway’s best workout secret is to make some adjustments to the exercises when attending the gym. Her trainer Joe Dowdell recommends changing the resting time. Just at the beginning of the workout, you will only need 20-30 seconds but you are advised to change this time, opting for 60 seconds.  

3.  Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima manages to keep her perfect curves with the help of Michael Olajide. She sticks to rope jumping, which is a short workout with powerful results. This intense exercise combines side-to-sides and cross overs, adding double unders, as well.  

4.  Reese Witherspoon

Michael George working with Reese Witherspoon claims that to achieve fantastic results, you should carry out four various exercises and strengthen only one muscle. The celebrity performs these exercises sins resting and considers it as one of her workout secrets you need to know.   

5.  Halle Berry

To keep your body in a perfect shape, working out intensely in the gym isn’t the best solution. Gunnar Peterson, who cooperated with Halle Berry, recommends going for a daily routine instead of sticking to intensive exercises. Creating your plan of workouts for each day, you won’t get tired.

6.  Eva Mendes

You are mistaken if you try to strengthen several muscles together. For more effective results, Eva Mendes reveals one of the best workout secrets and advises to train one part of your body and then pass to the next one. To lose more pounds, you should work on one of your muscles and make the other ones rest for a while.

7.  Chloe Sevigny

Though working out when you are hungry isn’t recommended, Gregg Miele who is responsible for training Chloe Sevigny’s body, finds out that you should go for cardio and only then have your breakfast. Having coffee is also a great idea to increase your metabolic level before the workout.         

8.  Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston sticks to a perfect workout to train her thighs and shares her secret with us. After storing 10 cards on the ground, you should go for squatting and grasp cards one by one. Then you should walk four steps, perform squats and then go back to do the same workout again.     

9.  Gwyneth Paltrow

Tracy Anderson who is the trainer of many celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, advises to stay focused everywhere, no matter whether you attend a gym or a treadmill, as it will help you lose more pounds.   

10.  Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum shares her best workout secret and recommends writing down all the successes that you managed to get during the workout. It will be your great motivation to amazing curves. Heidi Klum’s trainer David Kirsch aided her restore the striking body after having a baby.     

Thus, if you want to be proud of your body and not get ashamed of extra weight, you need to know the best workout secrets, provided by celebrities.

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