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Ways to Easily Give Texture to Straight Hair

Each type of hair requires unique way of styling and has both its easy and difficult sides of mastering. Women, born with straight tresses, don’t even have to reach for a flat iron to make their locks super sleek. They just need to opt for a smoothing serum, and the desired look will be achieved.

However, you may get bored with your flat tresses and may desire to provide extra texture by adding waves and curls.  But you should admit that it’s not an easy process and just changing your hairbrush isn’t enough. Fortunately, there exist numerous products and efficient tricks to easily give texture to straight hair. These easy ways will decrease the time you style your hair with styling tools. You will have to waste several minutes to get a messy and disheveled style.

Ways to Easily Give Texture to Straight Hair

1.  Skip Curling Your Hair Tips

It’s well known that the curling process of your hair requires much time and effort. However, there exists an easy method to give the desired texture to your straight hair just in several minutes. For extra texture, you are advised to add curls only to the middle part of your tresses. Divide your hair into sections and start working with each of them separately. Roll your hair over the barrel of the curling wand, skipping the ends. Release it in 5 seconds and you will master a beachy wavy hairstyle with much texture.

2.  Braid Your Straight Hair Before Flat Ironing

Straight-haired women are able to get hair texture by applying straightener. You may create pigtail braids or go for a traditional one, taking into account the desired type of wave. Then, grasp your straightening tool and go over each hair section. Due to the heat, you will achieve a perfect hairstyle with texture.

3.  Apply Sea Salt Spray

One of the ways to easily give texture to your straight hair and create a beachy vibe without applying styling tools is to reach for a sea salt spray. When your tresses are still wet, spray this product and carry out scrunching with the help of your hands. Due to its unique formula, your tresses will get a wavy touch.

4.  Apply Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is not only for dry tresses. Besides having an oil absorbing feature, dry shampoo is known for its texture-enhancing quality, as well. To achieve it, apply it on all your tresses, play with your fingers and go for scrunching. This easy technique will boost up texture in your straight hair.    

5.  Opt for Velctro Rollers

Though velctro rollers won’t make your hair wavy in several minutes, it may replace a curling iron and give texture to your straight hair in case you have some time at your disposal. Blow-dry your tresses, wrap hair pieces into velcro rollers and wait for half an hour. After letting the rolls free, you will get subtle waves and much texture on the roots. To make the hairstyle say long, finish the look with a hairspray.

6.  Braid Your Hair Before Sleeping  

This easy way gives you a chance to enjoy your textured hair after unbraiding it in the morning. You are advised to create a French braid or one with 3 strands with your wet tresses before going to bed. For better results, you may apply hairspray and carry out hair shaking with the help of your hands.

If your hair is flat and boring, and you want to make it more attractive, try these easy ways and they will give your straight locks lots of texture.


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