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Useful Hair Care Tips for Windy Days

Windy weather may be very cruel to your hair, especially in case you deal with dryness. Taking care of your tresses with proper products and wearing right hairstyles becomes essential in case you desire your hair to look perfect. These useful hair care tips for windy days may be your guide to an astounding look. You should know everything about right ways of hair styling and hair care. Going for deep conditioning and limiting the use of styling tools is among the useful hair care tips to take into account.

Useful Hair Care Tips for Windy Days

1.  Stick to Deep Conditioning

If the weather promises to be windy, you had better deep condition your tresses on regular bases. Hair conditioning is essential especially if the weather is too cold. Let the conditioner stay on your tresses for 5-10 minutes in order to give the product a chance to go deeply into your tresses.

2.  Skip Applying Heat Styling Tools

Here is one of the useful hair care tips for windy hair, which requires staying away from heat styling tools. In case you can’t without a gorgeous blowout, you should apply serum or go for a hairspray for a great hair protection. Ignore flat or curling irons and give much preference to air drying.

3.  Limit Hair Shampooing

Rinsing your hair with shampoo is a bad idea if it’s windy outside. All types of shampoos may cause dryness to your hair when going out on windy days. Apply cold water on your tresses to keep the moisture. Stick to a dry shampoo to provide your hair with volume and movement.

4.  Apply Leave-in Conditioner

Hydration is essential both for curly and straight tresses, which is enlisted among the useful hair care tips for windy days. To get enough hydration becomes possible with the help of leave-in conditioner. You may also stick to serums, packed with hydrating properties.

5.  Get the Best Holding Product

Hairsprays are rich in alcohol, and skipping them is another essential hair care tip for windy days. As alcohol has a hair drying feature, you had better ignore them and seek for another product. To combat flyaways, you may try pomade with a holding feature. Create special hairstyles for windy days and only after it, use the product.

6.  Wear a Scarf

You may strictly follow all the hair care tips for windy days, but it’s crucial to protect your hair by wearing a scarf. Consider that it’s important not to make it too tight or loose in order to skip further problems like greasy tresses.

7.  Go for Braided Hairstyles

Braids are your best friend, as they protect your locks from wind and other harmful elements. One of the benefits of braids is that they provide texture and keep your curls in a perfect state. To fight against bad weather conditions, you had better stick to any type of braid, whether fishtail or French.

8.  Replace Ponytails with Buns

If you are not prone to braiding, you may experiment with a useful hair care tip for windy days and style a glamorous bun. It’s a fabulous idea to replace ponytails with buns, but if you like wearing ponytails, go for a low and wrapped version.

9.  Make Right Choice of Bobby Pins

Pins in longer versions are more recommendable for application than hair clips. They help you create a complicated updo and a gorgeous bun hairstyle. Short pins don’t provide much support unless you arrange them in an X form.

10.  Skip Applying Heavy Products on Your Short Tresses

When covering your short hair, stick to one of the useful hair care tips and go for a hair refresher. Avoid applying products which provide great hold.

Thus, learn the best ways of treating your hair on windy days. Don’t ignore these useful hair care tips and you will be able to amaze your friends with your healthy and tidy locks.


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