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Top 10 Instagram Models You Need To Follow

Top 10 Instagram Models You Need To Follow

Follow these women at the top of their fashion game for your daily dose of style inspo.

If you are looking to know who the top Instagram models at the moment are, then you are definitely in the right place. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce some of the best Instagram models to follow because we understand how some of these profiles have made our lives much easier through their comprehensive fashion, makeup, and beauty inspo and hacks. Thanks to this buzzing social media platform that has made it all possible. It has made it so much easier to gather umpteen tips and ideas relating to fashion, lifestyle, travel, and literally everything under the sky. So, even if you are remotely into the world of fashion, you will not refrain from following the profiles that we have listed below. All you have to do is, scroll down and check out our list. Now, without any further delay, let us get started. Come on!

Top 10 Instagram Models

1. Kendall Jenner

Kendal Jenner is among the top Instagram models


The little sister of the big Kardashian clan reached dizzying heights of success and fame in no time. Despite coming from a house full of socialites, Kendall Jenner managed to make a name for herself. She is not just a supermodel but also one of the most influential people on the internet today, and Instagram, of course. With a fan base of a whopping 84 million, she is unstoppable!

Official Instagram Page –

84 million followers

2. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is among the top Instagram modelsGigi Hadid is among the top Instagram models


Gigi Hadid is one of those rare vintage beauties who can sport any kind of fashion – and look AMAHzing doing it. She had her first shoot with Guess at the age of 2, and also bagged huge modeling projects right after high school. The Vogue and other cover shoots followed right after and before you knew it, she got super popular on social media with an Instagram profile to die for. She has launched a collection in collaboration with Maybelline with a jetsetter palette named ‘GigiXMaybelline’. With all of this, it is not surprising that she has 36 million followers!

Official Instagram Page –

36.7 million followers

3. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is among the top Instagram modelsVictoria Beckham is among the top Instagram models


From being a pop star in the ‘Spice Girls’ group to reinventing herself as a fashion designer and rising as a fashion icon, Victoria Beckham always had it her way and made it big at whatever she ventured into. Her high profile wedding to the soccer player David Beckham was yet another episode that got her attention. She is known for being enterprising and entertaining. With 17-odd million followers on Instagram, she just proved yet again that there’s nothing she can’t ace.

Official Instagram Page –

17.7 million followers

4. Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is among the top Instagram modelsSommer Ray is among the top Instagram models


A 21 year old with 17 million followers, $26,000 average earnings for every post on Instagram, a yearly income of $4 million – Sommer Ray is a package and as successful as you can get at that age. She primarily started gaining popularity for being a fitness enthusiast, then went on to become a model representing big names in the fashion industry and other peripherals like beauty, hospitality sector, etc. She is an influencer in the truest sense, and gives you major life goals.

Official Instagram Page –

17.2 million followers

5. Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is among the top Instagram modelsEmily Ratajkowski is among the top Instagram models


Remember that girl from ‘Gone Girl’ we were all jealous of for playing the part of Ben Affleck’s girlfriend? Yes, that’s Emily Ratajkowski. Even though she has fewer followers than other top supermodels, she does have way better engagement and is a great influencer. Emily is known for posting photos and sharing stories that support feminism and takes every opportunity to redefine beauty standards. A 26-year-old beauty with brains and a growing fan base, we need more such influencers in today’s age and time.

Official Instagram Page –

15.6 million followers

6. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is among the top Instagram modelsBella Hadid is among the top Instagram models


Bella Hadid is not very different from her big sister Gigi Hadid when it comes to making a mark for herself in the fashion industry, and together the sisters are here to rule and slay. She started gaining popularity with her promotional videos for the Fyre Music Videos, and then quickly made a name for herself in the fashion world. Her insta stories are all fun and classy.

Official Instagram Page –

15.5 million followers

7. Miranda Kerr

Miranda is among the top Instagram modelsMiranda is among the top Instagram models


The idea of being a celebrity and the time it takes for turning into one is changing with every passing day thanks to the internet and social media platforms like Instagram. Miranda Kerr is one such story. She gained popularity with her first modeling assignment for Victoria’s Secret in 2007 and went on to become Australia’s first model to sign a contract with them and become a ‘Victoria’s Secret Angel’. What followed were a series of brand endorsements, collaborations, and runway presentations. She was also the first pregnant model for Vogue Australia to appear on the cover page. In addition, she has started her own beauty line called ‘KORA Organics’.

Official Instagram Page –

11.5 million followers

8. Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is among the top Instagram modelsCandice Swanepoel is among the top Instagram models


Mother of a baby boy and Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Candice Swanepoel is a South African beauty who returned to the runway in less than a year post delivery. She has been featured in all major fashion magazines, red carpet events, and now woos her 11 million fan base with everyday shenanigans and sneak peeks into a model’s life through her Insta page.

Official Instagram Page –

11.5 million followers

9. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is among the top Instagram modelsAdriana Lima is among the top Instagram models


The Brazilian beauty is an internet sensation and an Instagram influencer now, but her career and success came well before Insta got so popular. She has been modeling for Victoria’s Secret and has been an ‘Angel’ for quite some time now, and has presented some of its most prestigious collections like the revolutionary jewel-encrusted bra. This brunette continues to rock the runways, and is making her presence felt both online and offline.

Official Instagram Page –

11.3 million followers

10. Charlie Austin

Charlie Austin is among the top Instagram modelsCharlie Austin is among the top Instagram models


A brunette with blue eyes is not something you see every day, and with a body meant for a bikini, Charlie Austin gives you summer body goals like no other model does. Her Instagram feed practically is all about her tryst with bikinis, beaches, and all things beautiful. If you are into fashion or any of the things we mentioned, you should probably start following her ASAP.

Official Instagram Page –


Today, Instagram models are the talk of the town. With their fashion and beauty tips, they make fashion accessible to everyone. Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, and Victoria Beckham are some of the most successful models due to their sense of style and brand collaborations. If you are facing a fashion crisis and need some tips on how to bring out the inner diva in you, take a sneak peek at the pages of some of the successful Instagram models and influencers for inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Instagram models get paid?

Yes, Instagram models get paid. However, the range is dependent on their number of followers and the brand they endorse.

Who is the youngest Instagram model?

Cindy Kimberly is the youngest Instagram model, as per many online sources.

How old are Instagram models?

As per a survey conducted in 201, the usual age of Instagram models is between 18- 24 years.

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