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Tips to Dye Dark Hair Pastel Colors

As you know pastel colors are on the top charts of the most popular hair trends of 2015. So if you haven’t done so yet it is the best time to take the risk and make some radical changes in your look. Now things might be easier for you if you’re a blonde or you have a light hair color. For the rest of us who have dark hair pastel hair colors are a hardly achievable goal. Well guess what! Not anymore as if you follow these tips to dye dark hair pastel colors, you’ll reach the desired effects without putting too much effort! So here is what you need to know!

Tips to Dye Dark Hair Pastel Colors

To Bleach or not To Bleach

This is the first question that pops out in a girls mind before making the final decision. Well it all depends on what color you want to wear. Thus if you want to try colors such as lavender, pink, blue, and green then bleaching is a must. Note that if haven’t done that before then visiting a salon would be a great idea, as DIY bleaching at home requires some skills.

How to Reach your Goal

There are certain things that you need to know about bleaching in order to get the desired effects. First of all you need to make sure that your hair is in perfect condition. If your hair is dry and damaged then bleaching isn’t a good idea. Now it is also necessary to know at what level you need to bleach your hair. According to experts of the field it all depends on what color you want to try out. If you want to try a violet pastel color then you need to bleach your hair to marigold or yellow tone. Now for a blue pastel tone, on the other hand you need to bleach your hair until white-looking light tone.

Bleaching and Applying the Color At Home

Although bleaching at home isn’t a good idea if you’re a beginner there are still some tricks that can help you to reach your goal. The best way to apply the bleaching cream assumes starting from the back of your head. Tease your hair and apply the bleach in a ”V” shape. To make it easier section up your hair.

Mix the color in small doses in order to check whether you’re getting the color that you desire. Remember, you can always go darker but you can’t go back to lighter. Tease your hair well before you apply the color and make sure you work on thin sections. Also keep in mind that your hands need to be perfectly clean when you’re sectioning off your hair.

After bleaching your hair will need some special treatments as bleaching might be damaging and drying. So you might need to reconsider your hair care regime afterwards.

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