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Tips to Cover Dark Circles Under Eyes Easily

Dark circles under eyes are one of the most frustrating skin issues that a woman can face. The latter can appear as a result of a sleepless night, tiredness, genetics or certain health issues. While the last case requires the intervention of a doctor all the other cases come with a solution. That is the right makeup trick. Thus today we’ll speak about the ”less-concerning” cases. To be more concrete this time we would like to focus your attention on certain makeup tricks that can be used to cover dark under eye circles. So check them out!

Tips to Cover Dark Circles Under Eyes Easily

Color-Correctors VS Concealers

Color-correctors sometimes lead to better results than concealers do. The reason why these appear to be a better choice is because instead of concealing the issue they actually neutralize the dark color on the needed surface.

Color-Correctors: Everyday Use or Not?

Using color-correctors on a daily basis isn’t the best you can do as concealers are also a good alternative. However if you notice very intense dark under eye circles then the use of a color-corrector would probably be the best solution.

The Best Way to Wear Concealing Products

Note that color-correctors are made to be applied under makeup. So you a color-corrector shouldn’t be worn on its own. Also you need to keep in mind that a color-corrector has to be applied sparingly as the application of a foundation and a concealer is what usually follows up.

The Right Tone for your Skin

To make the right choice you need to take a look at the color wheel. Colors that appear on the opposite sides of the color wheel will easily neutralize each other. For example red will neutralize red, yellow neutralize purple, and peachy beige will neutralize blue. Note that all these colors can be found in dark under eye circles.

It All Depends on your Skin Type

Depending on your skin type you need to choose the right color-corrector. To make sure you’re making the right choice you need to test it on your skin in order to see whether it cancels out the problem. It has been proved that for lighter skin tones lighter color-correctors are the best while for dark skin tones dark ones are just ideal.

Now that you know the basics about color-correctors and concealers dark under eye circles shouldn’t concern you anymore. Use your new skills and achieve the flawless skin that you’ve been dreaming off since ever.

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