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The Right Way to Air Dry Hair to Make It Look Good

Limiting the application of blow dryers is a fantastic idea, as your hair will be healthy and in a good state. However, it’s essential to go for air drying if your goal is to get a polished appearance. Together with right products, you should be aware of the best ways of air drying your hair without depending on the texture and style. Find out the right ways of air drying to make your hair good. Here are quick and effortless methods, which enhance hair protection and help you achieve a fabulous hairstyle.

The Right Way to Air Dry Hair to Make It Look Good

1.  Withdraw Water from Your Hair Before Opting for a Towel

 Getting rid of water from your tresses is essential before wrapping a towel. It’s a crucial step if you want to air dry your hair. Shaking is the best way to deprive your hair of water after washing. You may also move your hair roots up with the help of your fingers and make it dry faster.

2.  Stick to the Right Towel

After shaking your hair, you should reach for the right type of towel. Opt for light materials and try a synthetic towel when air drying your hair. However, the T-shirt made of cotton is the best option to stick to. Go for patting and carry out squeezing actions instead of rubbing.   

3.  Apply Comb with Wide Teeth

 In case you need to detangle your hair or you apply leave-in conditioner, you had better reach for a comb with wide teeth. Comb from your hair ends and go to the direction of your roots. Otherwise, you will end up with hair breakage even in case of applying special product against tangles.

4.  Wear Right Hairstyles When Sleeping

One of the easy ways to air dry your hair and make it good is taking a shower and creating a subtle bun or braided hairstyle before going to bed. It will provide your hair with extra texture during the whole night. There is no need to apply styling tools if you may achieve a fantastic look, using this simple way. The options are numerous, and you may try both ponytails and plaits when sleeping.   

5.  Apply Argan Oil

To make your hair silky is quite easy if you reach for argan oil. It has beneficial qualities for your dry hair and fights against frizzes, as well. To skip getting a greasy scalp, you should use it a bit away from your roots.  

6.  Provide Your Hair with Texture

In case you don’t want to dry your tresses during the whole night, you may add extra texture to your tresses. For a disheveled look, you may go for hair twisting, using a styling product. Braided hairstyles also enhance the texture of your hair. For beachy waves, scrunching your tresses is the best option but there is also a need of applying volume enhancing products.  

7.  Get the Right Type of Products

 Only air drying isn’t sufficient for a polished look. You should also reach for right products. When dealing with flat tresses, you had better apply texture enhancing hairsprays. For extra hydration, experiment with leave-in conditioner, while for beachy waves, use a sea salt spray.

8.  Create Gorgeous Waves with a Curling Cream

If your tresses are curly by nature or you desire to create a wavy texture, there is a need of applying curling creams. To fight against flyaways becomes a must, which may be achieved by twisting the curls, using your fingers. One of the easy air dry tricks is reaching for rollers to get bouncy curls.

9.  Apply Mousse on Your Thin Tresses

To air dry your thin tresses, you should opt for products with light formula. Mousse will add bounce and body to your flat locks. To add texture, you should carry out scrunching after using the product. You may also opt for plaiting or twisting.

10.  Never Apply Much Product on Short Tresses

To achieve an easy air drying, you may apply hairsprays with light formula on your short tresses. Try also use the products away from you scalp to skip it looking oily. Stick to pomade without taking into account the texture of your tresses.

Everything from the right hairstyles to products should be taken into account when air drying your hair to make it look good. Take these right ways of air drying as your guide.


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