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The Dos and Don’ts of Washing Your Face

At first sight face washing seems an easy task that everyone may perform. However, you may face serious skin problems, such as face wrinkles, in case you don’t carry out right technique of washing. You should be aware not only of the right but the wrong methods of face cleansing, as well. You should pay attention to the water temperature and the frequency of washing. To help you we have collected the dos and don’ts of washing your face.

The Dos and Don'ts of Washing Your Face

1.  Start by Rinsing Your Hands

The whole purpose of washing will be spoiled if you rinse your face with dirty fingers. Your hands contain numerous microbes and bacteria, which will immediately transmit to your face. To prevent it you should rinse your hands with soap and water before creating any contact to your face.  

2.  Skip Washing Your Face with Too Warm or Too Cold Water

It’s one of the essential don’ts that each one should take into account. Instead of opting for extremely warm or cold water, go for lukewarm option. In case of applying too warm water your blood vessels will suffer, provoking red spots on your skin. If water is hot, your skin will lose its moisture, making you look older. As for cold water, it is packed with a pore closing feature.

3.  Rinse Your Face Both in the Morning and in the Evening

 You don’t have to rinse your face too frequently, as there are products which are designed to exfoliate and purify your skin. The dirt and the lipids will be easily removed from your face, providing your skin with protection. In case your skin is deprived of moisture you should diminish the washing process and perform it only in the morning and before sleeping.

4.  Skip Harsh Scrubbing

When dealing with your face skin, you should be very mild. If you scrub your face roughly, you will cause irritation and give rise to unpleasant acne. When facing acne, you should apply right products to get rid of the problem.  

5.  Get Rid of Your Makeup

Your eye makeup may stick to your skin and you may face difficulties in removing it. You are advised to reach for a cotton pad and steep it into the olive oil. When removing your eye makeup with it, you will be able to complete the cleaning process more easily. When you go to bed with your makeup, you will face ruddiness and your skin will be irritated. During the night there is a need of oxygen for your skin, so wearing makeup will make your skin lifeless.

6.  Skiop Applying Washcloth

Though you may clean your face with your hands and a purifying product, you are recommended applying a cleansing brush when taking care of your skin at night. It gives you a chance to work on the parts of your face, which are not easy for reach, such as T-zone or the nose area. It is able to give brightness to your skin, making it supple, as well. Moreover, the pores become unclogged.    

7.  Rinse Your Face After You Wash Your Tresses

Have a look at one of the dos of washing your face. Skip rinsing your face, in case you haven’t removed all the shampoo from your tresses. You should strictly follow this order, as the conditioners you apply have acne-causing ingredients. Washing your face afterwards, may prevent your skin from irritation, caused by chemicals.     

8.  Never Use Moisturizer If Your Skin is Dry

You are advised to go for pat drying after rinsing your face in order not to get rid of all the moisture. In case of spreading moisturizer on your wet skin, you face will be provided with enough hydration and you will get a dewy complexion.

Before rushing to the bathroom and washing your face, it’s essential to consider the dos and don’ts, as they will be your guide to a healthy and pure skin.

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