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Stylish Winter Hat Types You’ll Love To Wear

If you think that hats don’t suit you, probably you haven’t found your type of hat. Hats are among the most important attributes of a stylish look during the monotonous winter. In addition a hat keeps you much warmer and protects you from catching a cold. Now we’re going to share with our ideas about stylish winter hat types.

Wearing a hat isn’t as difficult as you think. Thus it is more important to realize what you’re matching it with. Pair it with your coat, sweater or scarf and try to find some ways to make it work with many clothes in your wardrobe as you may pair it with your autumn pieces in future.

So, if you think you should put on a hat on only to protect your head from the cold, it’s a pity you’re wrong. Hats are stylish accessories appropriate for every season of the year. Thus you should know that hats are not only for protective reasons. One can actually look pretty with them. The most important thing is to choose the right types of hats.

Berets for Not Wrecking your Hair

Slouchy beret is among the most low-impact types of hats.  The latter will never screw up your hairstyle. This type was more popular in the late 90s, early 2000s and now it’s as popular as it was then. Note that slouchy beret looks more beautiful in a chunky knit. Besides it allows you to stay warm and feel comfort with it.

Stylish Winter Hat Types You'll Love To Wear

The Trapper Hats

If you live in a cold climate area, this type of hat is just perfect for you! Besides it has always been on the scene. By the way it is designed with a heavier fabric like canvas and leather. So, this hat helps to provide warmth. It seems that this type is not very appropriate for some styles, but it just an illusion. Pair your hat with your dressed style and fill it with some corresponding accessories and you’ll have nothing to worry about as you’ll have an excellent look.

Stylish Winter Hat Types You'll Love To Wear

The Shaggy Stuffed Animal Hats for Skiers and Snowboarders

Probably we’ll never understand the style of skiers or snowboarders, but one thing is obvious- they wear just the warmest and the most comfortable clothes. They try to keep themselves as warm as possible. If you are going for ski or for snowboarding, you should try an Eisbar hat, which will provide the needed comfort and let you enjoy your time.

Stylish Winter Hat Types You'll Love To Wear

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