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Quick and Effective Fixes for Puffy Eyes

Dark under eye circles and puffy eyes are among the most annoying beauty problems that a woman can face. While dark under eye circles can be covered by color-correctors or concealers, eye puffiness requires a special beauty procedure to be done. As you know puffy eyes can be the result of sleepless nights or allergies. Luckily there are some beauty tricks that seem to be very promising when it comes to dealing with puffy eyes. So why panic when you can easily get rid of such a frustrating beauty problem? Just check out these effective fixes for puffy eyes and find all the information that you need.

Quick and Effective Fixes for Puffy Eyes

The Main Causes

To fix eye puffiness first of all you need to find out the main cause. According to experts puffy eyes may witness of stress, fluid retention, hormones, lack of sleep or excessive alcohol intake. Also eye puffiness can be linked to infections, irritation by contact lenses, and allergies.

Cold Compress

Cold compresses are among the best puffy eye treatments. However you shouldn’t use a regular pack just as the ones that you can find in the freezer as that might worsen the condition. The best you can do is use a wash cloth soaked in cold water, a bag filled with ice and wrapped in a towel or even a bag with frozen veggies.

Adding More Pillows

Don’t be surprised, by adding more pillows under your head you’ll allow less fluid retention under the eyes and prevent eye puffiness. So why not give it a try?

Water Splash

Just like cold compresses cold water splash will reduce the swelling and help you to get rid of eye puffiness. Also by a cold water splash you’ll fill refreshed and ready to head to your job/class. So you have more than one reason to try this beauty trick.

Tea Bags

Green or black tea bags can help you to de-puff your eyes. Thus to achieve the desired results you need to make a cold compress using a tea bag and apply it on the needed areas. The best thing about tea is that it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that aid to increase circulation on the needed area. Now if you find your skin irritated or inflamed you can use a chamomile tea to smooth redness and fight against irritation.


There’s an old beauty recipe that is still very popular due to its miraculous effects. So according to this ”magical” beauty recipe to reduce eye puffiness you need to slice a cucumber and place the slices right on your lids for about half an hour.


Although it sounds weird at first this is a beauty trick that’s worth giving a try due to its amazing effects. Thus to enjoy the results of this quick fix, first of all you need to put two spoons in the refrigerator the night before. Then in the morning you have to take them out and place them on the needed areas to de-puff your eyes.


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