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Pinterest Inspired Second Day Hairstyles

Not every morning we have a great will and energy to get up early. We immediately reach for the alarm button to switch it off in order to spend more time in bed. Thus, we have to decide how to deal with our second day hair. We may either leave our hair dirty and oily or make our imagination work and create a new hairstyle, using its natural texture. If you seek for some astounding looks, here are Pinterest inspired second day hairstyles to copy.

1.  Fishtail Ponytail Hairstyle

If you wake up in the morning with disheveled hair, take your chance and go for a low fishtail ponytail hairstyle. To hide the elastic, take a thick hair piece and twist around the base. For a complete messy vibe, you had better apply texture-enhancing hairspray.     

Pinterest Inspired Second Day Hairstyles

2.  Half-Bun Hairstyle with a Loop

This hairstyle is an ideal option for your second day hair. The amazing half-bun hairstyle with a loop looks great if you have medium-length tresses. Coat your hair roots with dry shampoo and then create a tiny bun with a loop. As for the rest of your tresses, add disheveled waves.   

Pinterest Inspired Second Day Hairstyles

3.  Tiny Bun Hairstyle

The half up and half down hairstyle is a great option for short-tressed women. The tiny bun hairstyle has much in common with the looped version. However, the tiny bun is created with a twist, which is adjusted with the help of an elastic. Don’t be afraid of frayed ends, as they add extra grace to your second day hair.   

Pinterest Inspired Second Day Hairstyles

4.  Twisted Fishtail Braided Hairstyle

Though fishtails are usually met with braids, this one is an exception. Pull your second day hair into a low pony, letting two hair pieces out at the front. Create a twisted fishtail braid with the pony, add a messy vibe to it and then roll the loose strands around the base to hide the elastic.  

Pinterest Inspired Second Day Hairstyles

5.  Low Pony with Double Knots

You may get your inspiration from another fabulous second day hairstyle from Pinterest and pull off a low ponytail with double knots. For this look, divide your hair into two sections, try to make them equal and go for twisting. Then take the twisted parts and create two knots. Grasp the shorter section and after tucking, adjust with the help of pins.

Pinterest Inspired Second Day Hairstyles

6.  Faux Fishtail Hairstyle

It seems a modernized version of a fishtail hairstyle but it’s quite easy to master. Create a cute ponytail, divide it into three parts and go for twisting. After twisting a small piece, tie with an elastic and then go on with this process, again applying elastic, leaving the ends loose. Cover the base of your pony with a hair piece.   

Pinterest Inspired Second Day Hairstyles

7.  Twisted Chignon Hairstyle

If you don’t want to wash your curly hair and seek for a hairstyle to hide the grease, opt for a twisted chignon hairstyle. Leave your hair up, twist and adjust with pins. Add volume at the top.  

Pinterest Inspired Second Day Hairstyles

8.  Low Ponytail with Bubbles

This hairstyle is mostly recommended for second day hair. You should opt for a dry shampoo or reach for a texture-enhancing hairspray and wear elastics on each part of your pony, resembling bubbles.    

Pinterest Inspired Second Day Hairstyles

Instead of rushing to the bathroom to rinse your second day hair, you may master interesting and lovely hairstyles, getting inspired by Pinterest.

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