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How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

The frequency of trimming your hair has a great dependence on your hair type. Though there are general rules for the timelines of cutting tresses, you should take into account your hair type as well as length and aim when deciding to chop them.

On a par, there is a half inch hair growth each month. In spite of the fact that some people face quicker hair growth than others, there exist special rules on how often you should cut your hair.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

We are obliged to show the falseness of the concept that frequent hair chopping will make its growth quicker. One of the reasons of your hair shortness in case of not cutting it is the splitting. If you keep your hair in a long state for a long time without touching its length, the ends will get damaged and you will face breakage. However, it comes to mean that chopping is great for the length of your hair in case it helps you get rid of broken sections. If you cut healthy tresses, only the length will suffer. In case you desire your tresses to become longer, the most essential trick you should opt for is to elongate the frequency of hair trimming, being assured it’s sufficient to make the split ends disappear.

If you have a desire to attend salons less frequently, stay away from things that may cause damage to your hair, such as heat styling or constant dying, as they will give rise to quick hair breakage, as well.

Thus, without paying attention to the type of your tresses, have a look at the accepted guidelines and learn how often to trim your hair.

1.  The Frequency of Cutting Short Hair

The frequency of trimming short tresses has a dependence on the length you want to achieve (whether you desire to get shorter locks or not). In case of length maintenance, you should cut your hair every month, as even a slight growth can’t be unnoticed on short tresses. If you aim to make your hair longer, you should extend the trimming time, waiting for several months before the first chop and only then you should cut your hair each 6-12 weeks.

2.  The Frequency of Cutting Medium-Length Hair

Longer tresses are prone to becoming fragile. You are advised to go for chopping each 6-8 weeks to keep the length in place. In case you want to make them become longer, wait for 8-10 weeks before trimming.   

3.  The Frequency of Cutting Natural Hair

It is proved that natural tresses have a tendency to become longer slowly. Cutting once a month is great for length maintaining, but chopping each six months may give your hair a chance of growing.

4.  The Frequency of Cutting Dyed Hair

Dyed hair has much in common with long hair, as both of them become fragile and prone to breakage. To solve this problem, you should cut your hair once a month. Wait for two months if your goal is to have longer hair.

Thus, taking into account your hair length or whether it’s in a natural or dyed state, find out how often you should cut it.

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