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Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

Same as nails, your pedicure is in display 24/7 and you make most of it to have them as beautiful and perfect as possible, but I do know it takes a lot of time and effort to reach this result, so when you do, you want it to last as longer as it can. So, allow me to point out a few key guides that will help you keep your pedi for a long time.

Prepare the nails properly
Make sure to clean your nails properly, especially if you’re trying to get rid of oils. As strange as it may sound, nail polish remover isn’t the best way, and moreover it can even be harmful. Since most of the nail polishes are based on vitamin and nutrient formulas, using a nail polish remover can cause chips. So the best way to prepare your nails is to use an alcohol and water solution.
Use products from the same brand
It’s a known fact that products of the same brand work best when used together. So , if given a chance, use a set for mani pedi.
Don’t underestimate the importance of a drying accelerator
I would say, it’s a place for choice, so it’s really up to you whether to use a drying accelerator or not. However, without the latter, the pedi will dry, you do want to consideran accelerator as it also prolongs the time length of the pedicure.
Make sure to moisturize the calluses and nourish your feet properly to get a more beautiful result. Within the 12 hours of applying, moisturize every time as you get out of the shower.
Reapply topcoat
Once you’ve reached the result make sure to repeat the procedure once more. It’s recommended to apply the second layer in 2 days or a week, simply it’s up to you to decide, so focus on the quality of the nail polish to measure the timeline.
Hiding chips
It’s very important to hide the chips, if you want to have a glam and neatly carved pedicure. You can always apply glitter either on the tips or on the entire nail surface, or apply a same tone nail polish but with a very light layer.
Stay Away From Heat
Nearly all nail polishes dry within 30 minutes, but it takes at least 12 for it to fully harden, so in order to avoid chips or smudginess make sure to remember it and avoid saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs and anything that can have you dealing with heat. However, if newly applied nail polish has had contact with heat within the peroid, rinse it with cold water for 10-15 seconds to avoid future damage.
It’s crucial to follow the key points mentioned above if you want to have beautiful pedicure.

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