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How to Make Your Hairstyle Survive After A Night

Probably, you have tried all the methods to make your hairstyle survive after a night. You should admit that your hairstyle may suffer greatly, if you spend bad nights, moving from one side to another. The secret of your hairstyle surviving is a neat sleep. However, we have asked great hairstylists to share their secrets on how to make your hairstyle survive after a night.

How to Make Your Hairstyle Survive After A Night

Never Turn to Hairspray to Make Your Hairstyle Survive After a Night

Styling your hair properly is the key to make your hairstyle look perfect in the morning. Apply styling creams and mousse, go for heating tools and right types of brushes, if you don’t want to lose the shape of your hairstyle. You are not advised to apply hairspray, as your hair may be heavy.

Use Baby Powder or Turn to Cornstarch

Here is one of the tips to make your hairstyle survive after a night. Opt for baby powder or use cornstarch on your scalp before sleeping. It will soak the moisture and your hair won’t become curly. Scrivo recommends combing your hair in the morning to get rid of the product.

Avoid Flattening Your Hair

Before going to sleep, pull your locks up and adjust them to your scalp with pins. If your hair is too long, divide it into several sections. In the morning, shake your tresses, and you will have a perfect hairstyle.

Go for Waves

Make your hair wet and go for a bun hairstyle at the crown. Amazing waves will be waiting for you at dawn. Brush your tresses with the help of your fingers to get texture. Angelo David Pisacreta recommends applying hairspray for a final touch.

Make Your Hair Curly

Curling your hair is another way to make your hairstyle survive after a night. To get soft curls, go for braiding. If you make your curls tight, you will get curls in a tight form. In case your hair is wet, you will not have to suffer from frizzes.

Create a High Ponytail

Take a scrunchie and take your tresses up, creating a high ponytail. Don’t stick to ties, which are too tight. In the morning, you will get textured hair and you won’t need many products.

Roll Your Tresses

To achieve curly tresses and to make your hairstyle survive after a night, you had better use a silk scarf to wrap your locks. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your pretty and curly hair.

Turn to Rollers

It’s an old trick to turn to rollers, in case you desire to achieve textured waves. You are recommended rolling your tresses and unfasten them in the morning to get bouncy locks.

Wear Shower Caps While Rinsing Your Face

When taking care of your face or applying creams in the morning, you had better cover your hair with a shower cap to stay away from frizzes. You may also use a scrunchie to take your tresses up.

Use a Silk Pillowcase

Use pillowcases, made of silk or satin, if you want to make your hairstyle survive after a night. Stay away from cotton pillowcases, as they will soak the oil and leave your hair dry.

Taking the experts’ recommendations, you will be able to make your hairstyle survive after a night.

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