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What Your Lipstick Shape Says About You

Believe it or not a woman’s makeup bag can tell a lot of things about her character. Moreover there’ve been carried out certain surveys and the results seem to be very surprising. For example according to experts even the shape of your lipstick can tell a lot about you and your personality. Interested to find out how that works? Get ready to check out the most interesting facts about the shape of your lipstick presented below!

What Your Lipstick Shape Says About You

The Pointed Edge

Ok this means that you’re a family person, kind and lovely. Moreover, ”less talking and more action” perfectly describes you. Also according to some studies lipsticks with pointed edges witness a stubborn character.  However that’s not really something that bothers you in your relationships.

Round Shape

You’re the peace-maker on the group! You don’t like getting involved in conflicts in you always have the best solution of everything. You’re kind and very friendly. Also you always manage to stand out with your generosity.

The Recliner

For you it’s really hard to concentrate on one project as you’re always full of new ideas! Moreover you’re so energetic and passionate about what you do that you’re always being admired by everyone around you. Also you’re a trust-worthy person and that’s why you’re the one your friends call first no matter what.

Flat Top Lipstick

This shape of lipstick shows a very interesting personality. High morals are dominating for you and there is nothing to do than just stay reconciled with the idea of being guided by that principle. Also you stand out for being dependable, quick minded and quick twitted.

The Double-Edged Sword Shape

Basically you know everything about everyone. You’re passionate, adventurous and you just love getting involved in all kind of intriguing stories. However your complex mind is too much for you to handle and sometimes you might even get tired of all your stories.

So now that you know the basics about your lipstick shape it is time to find out which type you belong to. What we especially like about this quick quiz is that not only it allows you to discover your strong and weak sides but also it proves for once again that makeup is a whole other story for women. Also this quiz gives you a chance to understand your girlfriends better without putting too much effort on. Cool isn’t it?

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