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How To Wear A Beret Without Looking Ridiculous

How To Wear A Beret Without Looking Ridiculous

Channel your inner “Emily in Paris” with these easy and stylish techniques to rock a beret.

A beret is an elegant round and flat cap usually woven or knitted. However, the true beauty of this cap comes out when you know how to wear a beret right. This soft-textured beauty is also seen as a part of uniforms, especially for armed forces and many other organizations worldwide. As these caps are never out of trend, this article discusses the most stylish ways to don a beret. So, get ready to jump on to the high-end fashion bandwagon as we share some of our interesting ideas. Scroll down.

Ways To Wear A Beret

So, we have some of the coolest and effective hacks on how to wear a beret cap! First of all, there is no right way to wear a beret. It is about how you carry it. Traditionally, it is worn around one side of the head almost until the forehead. You may also wanna fluff it up to stay in shape. Or you might wanna seek the help of bobby pins and bands to secure it better. Now let us dive deep into understanding the very many ways to rock this cap!

How To Wear A Beret With Short Hair?

Having short hair has its own pros and cons, we all love it for the lesser maintenance it requires but when it comes to styling, maybe a little work is needed there. Below are some ideas on how to wear a french beret hat with short hair. So read on!

For Pixie cut:

For Pixie cut


If you have a pixie cut, then you don’t have to think twice, but just rock a cropped top and a pair of jeans and put on a titled beret! Because there is no way this is not working! And if you are wondering how to wear a leather beret, then this haircut is perfect. Also, adding sunglasses can spice up this look even better!

The classic tucking style:

  1. Start with taking a small scrunchie or thin band and tie all your hair into a low pony.
  2. To make it stylish, you can leave your fringes or bangs to the front and then gather the remaining portion of your hair.
  3. Take the beret and place the lower bottom of the beret below the knot so that it covers the knot.
  4. You can now neatly place the beret around your head.
  5. You can give it a slight tilt, towards your left. Make sure the hair knot is covered under the beret.

Style three: Braiding!

  1. Take a portion from the thicker front part of your hair.
  2. Make a thin braid out of that portion.
  3. Place the beret on the opposite side, slightly tilted until the root of the braid.
  4. You can tuck the end of the braid behind your ears or you can use a hair clip to make it stay.

How To Wear A Beret With Bangs?

How To Wear A Beret With BangsHow To Wear A Beret With Bangs


Below are the tips you can try:

  • You can try, placing it towards a higher back of the head so that only a crown portion of the beret is visible from the front. This will be a classy way to carry a beret in summer.
  • Another option you can try is a side pony. Make a pony, not too high, and let the hair fall on the front from your shoulders. You can leave your bang just as they are around the forehead. Place the beret on the other side of the head. Yes, the same-titled position for the beret works just fine!
  • You can even try taking a two-side pony, leaving the bangs in the front. For this style, you would be placing your beret at the top back of your head so that it doesn’t distract the two side ponies. It is up to you to go for a high pony or a lower pony on the sides!

How To Wear A Beret With Curly Hair?

How To Wear A Beret With Curly HairHow To Wear A Beret With Curly Hair


Now, curly hair altogether gives a different look. We have done some homework and have come up with some ideas for you on how to wear a french beret when you have those curls!

  • If you have curly thick hair that does not stay in place, you can try this style! Take a big hair band or scrunchie and put it over your head just over the forehead till the back. This way the hair will not project the beret when you wear it. Now place the beret along with the band! Now the band holds the hair but the beret will add on to your look!
  • You can try a pony for curly hair as well! Tie a medium-high pony. The beret can be worn just above the knot of the pony.
  • Next up, is a messy bun! Try a messy bun leaving the top portion of your hair at the front to make a side fringe. Now you have two options for the beret. Either you can cover the entire bun and wear it over it. Or, you can wear it just above the bun and cover the top portion of your head. Either way, you will look awesome!

How To Wear A Beret With Long Hair?

How To Wear A Beret With Long HairHow To Wear A Beret With Long Hair


Folks with longer hair, your efforts on growing it this far are gonna help now! You can actually try a lot of different styles and options on how to wear a french beret properly if you have that long mane! We have a few selected styles that you may wanna explore!

  • You can braid both sides of the hair and wear the beret towards one side covering your one ear.
  • The above style can be tweaked a bit. It can be done without the braids. You just need to do that side partition.
  • Long and straight hair is easy to maintain and hence wearing the beret just like a hat also works wonders. A scarf during winters will also be that perfect add-on!
  • A low bun with the beret will also work for long hair. With longer hair, the bun can support the beret and help it stay intact.
How to wear a beretHow to wear a beret


A beret is a stylish circular and flat cap made of woven or knitted fabrics. We hope we have provided you with all of the information you might be looking for on how to wear a beret. Just make sure it is the proper fit for your head so that you don’t have to readjust it while wearing it. But keep in mind one small but crucial point: use the ideas we have listed above to create your unique style statement. Allow your appearance to speak for you and better reveal your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What face shape can wear a beret?

A beret is a timeless fashion item that goes well with any face shape.

Are berets supposed to cover your ears?

No. Berets are supposed to be worn about an inch or half an inch behind your ears.

Is it OK to wear a beret indoors?

Yes. Berets can be worn indoors too as they create an elegant look.

Key Takeaways

  • A beret is typically worn around one side of the head leaning, coming almost upto the forehead.
  • The beret needs to be secured or supported so that it doesn’t fall off or you don’t have to keep adjusting it.
  • For short hair, ticking and braiding are the two most popular ways while for longer hair, side braids, middle parting, or a bun works best.
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