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How to Treat Winter Breakouts

Severe weather conditions may give rise to unpleasant breakouts. The chilly winter days aren’t great for our skin, as they cause ruddiness and acne. Besides, our skin becomes flaky and may be exposed to dryness.

Checking out the tips provided by beauty experts, we have found the best ways of treating winter breakouts.  Following the most effective recommendations, you will make your cheeks glow and your skin become soft in any weather.

How to Treat Winter Breakouts

1.  Replace Your Moisturizing Product with a Heavier Option

Winter requires applying moisturizing product with a heavy consistence without considering the type of your skin. Use moisturizer twice a day and your skin will get enough moisture. Moisturizers provide your skin with hydration during the whole night and fight against flaky and wind-exposed skin.    

2.  Apply Oil on Your Skin

In case you have an acne-prone skin, the state will worsen on cold winter days because of skin dryness. Thus, the skin has to go for overcompensation and there is a necessity of excess oil production. It may seem strange enough to apply oil on your skin, mostly in case of dealing with acne. However, this trick is able to provide you with a shiny skin. Argan oil is a great option when treating winter breakouts.    

3.  Switch on the Humidifier

You shouldn’t be sick in order to reach for a humidifier. It’s an ideal method to fight against dry skin and provide air and your skin with moisture, treating winter breakouts, as well. Moreover, your skin will be restored during the whole night with the help of a humidifier.    

4.  Never Ignore Exfoliation

To treat winter breakouts, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of exfoliation. Include the application of a scrub in your skin care routine especially in winter. But in case of winter breakouts, you had better opt for enzyme treatment that lets products go deeply into your skin and removes dead cells.

In case your skin is an extremely bad state, you should opt for chemical peels, as they will replace the dead cells with the new ones. Chemical peels are mostly recommended in winter, as you won’t feel anxious about the damage of sun rays.  

5.  Use healthy Vitamins

Make your skin glow booth from inside and outside. Your skin needs to keep its moisture, which may be achieved by using Vitamin E and applying supplements of Omega 3 acids. To make your hair as well as skin look healthy, there is a necessity of collagen production and a use of Vitamin H.

Treat winter breakouts just by carrying out these efficient actions, recommended by experts. Enjoy your glowy and healthy skin, packed with vitamins and nutrition.


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