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How to Take Care of Hands in Winter

The skin of your hands is exposed to dryness, as it lacks the necessary amount of moisture. That’s why harsh weather conditions as well as detergent affect your hands. Care for your hands regularly and your skin will become softer. The procedure is quite effortless and you don’t have to spend much time and money on it. Thus, it is essential to learn how to take care of hands in winter and make them look soft and youthful.

How to Take Care of Hands in Winter

1.  Wash Your Hands with Warm Water

One of the bad habits that you may be used to in winter is washing your hands with the help of hot water. It makes the skin of your hands become dehydrated and dry, giving rise to faking as well. Warm water with mild detergent is the best option to take care of your hands in winter.

2.  Humidification of Hands

Regular care for your hands in winter is a must. Before going to bed, cover your hands with special creams having moisturizing and nourishing features. Go for massages and this trick will be fabulous both for your hands and your entire body, due to the active points, which are on your palms. When going out or washing dishes, you had better reach for a hand cream with a moisturizing feature. Look for products high in Panthenol, as it is packed with moisturizing and softening properties.   

3.  Apply Masks and Scrubs on Your Hands

When caring for your hands in winter, you should go for exfoliating treatments as well as nourish your skin. In case you face a problem with chapped skin you may have a bath with chamomile and calendula. Carry out this treatment once or twice weekly. Scrubs perfectly deal with dry and hard skin. You may opt for ready-made scrubs or prepare them at home, using coconut or olive oils, as well as almond or shea butter, as they all have nourishing features. To make your skin look smoother, you may have a bath with Paraffin.  Due to this procedure, your skin gets extra softness.     

4.  Enlarge the Use of Vitamins

As we don’t have fresh fruits and veggies in winter, we won’t get the right amount of vitamins, necessary for our skin. Thus, it’s essential to opt for vitamin complex but only after consulting with a physician.

Vitamin A and E are great for skin regeneration, so you had better enlarge your diet plan with foods high in these vitamins. Reach for salmon or oatmeal, use carrots or liver and stick to eggs or butter. Thus, winter isn’t the best time to keep diets, as your skin should get all the essential nutrients.   

5.  Apply Cuticle Oil

Your nails suffer from the chapped skin, too. They become fragile and are exposed to breakage. To make your nails look beautiful and healthy, stick to cuticle oils and spread them on your nails. Olive oil is also a great option to soak your nails in.    

6.  Wear Mittens in Winter

To prevent your hands from drying and take care of them properly, you should pull off mittens. They are not only fashionable but healthy, as well. They fight against skin peeling and dryness.

We hope you already know how to take care of hands in cold winter months and will strictly follow them in case your aim is to get a healthy and soft skin.

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