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How to Make False Eyelashes Look Authentic

False lashes enhance the astounding look of the eyes. However, the great role falls on the makeup as it is takes the responsibility of concealing the false lash line. But if you desire to let your false eyelashes stand out without much makeup and look authentic, here are easy tricks to achieve it.

How to Make False Eyelashes Look Authentic

The Right Place of Your False lashes Should be underneath Your Lashes

Working in the fashion industry or just being a fashionista, you have to change your outfits and makeup looks quite regularly, which will definitely hinder your false lashes. But if you place them underneath your authentic eye lashes, you will have a chance to experiment with various makeup looks sins causing any disturbance to your false lashes.

Choose the Right Glue for Your False Lashes

When reaching for eyelash glue, you should make a right choice and opt for a fresh one; otherwise the drying process may elongate. You should also be aware that even cheap glues may be of a high quality.

After Rinsing Your Hands Cut the False Lashes

You can’t find false lashes, the size of which perfectly goes with that of your real lashes. As they should work ideally with your lashes and sit perfectly on your lids, you have to go for trimming. Going for this easy tip and getting rid of the additional length, false lashes won’t impede you when blinking.

Apply Just a Little Glue

Spread the glue along the strip of the false lash and it will get into the lashes, as well. Thus, there is no need of applying much adhesive. Just a minute is enough for the right type of glue to become sticky.

Press the False Lash on Your Real Eye Lash in a Straight Line

To make the false lashes look authentic you should make them stick to your lashes instead of applying it to your top waterline. Press them for a few seconds and wait until they are linked with your authentic lashes. In case the glue passes into your eyes, don’t worry, as they are tested and won’t cause damage to them.

Go for Eyelash Curling and then Apply Mascara

If you have already applied your false lashes, make them stand out by using a curler and swiping mascara

It’s not so difficult to get rid of the false lashes, if you are already tired of wearing them. Just pull the edges and make them loose. If this trick doesn’t work, opt for oil or stick to a makeup remover.

Thus, if you are prone to rocking false lashes and want to make them look authentic, take into account these easy and effective tricks.


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