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How to Easily Grow Out Undercut Hair

The temptation of wearing undercut, which is also known as a half-shaved hairstyle, is quite reasonable. Cara Delevingne is among the celebrities, rocking this confident-requiring hairstyle. It is unbelievably cute, creates a fabulous contrast with polished and loose wavy hairstyles. The undercut requires more courage for wearing than the short pixie haircut.

The hair growing process is not easy, as it requires long time as well as struggle. In case you have grown out bangs, you rush to the salon to have them cut or create layers in order to make the tiny hair pieces mix with the rest of your tresses. However, the growing out process is a bit difficult in case of the undercut, as there is a strong and radical difference in length. Fortunately, there are several ways on how to easily grow out undercut hair and avoid looking untidy.

How to Easily Grow Out Undercut Hair

1.  Choose the Right Haircut

A bold haircut isn’t a great idea in case you are prone to hairstyle transformation. Create your undercut at the back of your head and skip Natalie Dormer’s extremely bold style. You should consider one essential tip that hair, cut at the back of your head, grows out faster compared with the undercuts on the sides.    

2.  Don’t Hurry to the Salon to Have Your Hair Cut

If one side of your head is closely shaved, there is a necessity of waiting a little until your hair grows a bit and then attend the salon to have it cut and make it neat. Thus, you shouldn’t rush to the salon in case your undercut hair has just started to grow out.     

3.  Consider the Type of Your Hair

Straight-haired women may see the growth of the undercut more easily compared with women having curly tresses. Thus, taking into account the type of your hair is of great importance.    

4.  Have Your Undercut Outline Cut

If you want to make your undercut hair grow out but it needs a little touch, go to your hairstylist and have your undercut outline cut.   

5.  Opt for a Pixie Haircut

One of the ways to easily grow out undercut hair is to experiment with another wild hairstyle and trim your hair into a cute pixie. Decide both the pixie type and length and ask your hairstylist for help.

6.  Reach for Extensions

It may require much time for your shaved hair to grow out and have the same length with the other side. In case the outline trimming isn’t a great idea for you, you may go for another easy trick and use extensions. Just take into account your hair texture before choosing the type of extension.   

7.  Change Your Part

In case of wearing an undercut, you already have a determined part. Change your part and conceal the undercut hair side and let it grow out. Unfortunately in case of a large undercut, this trick may not be the best idea. Go for this option if you wear a tiny undercut.

8.  Reveal Your Undercut

It’s a great idea to reveal your undercut hair in case you have already opted for it. Just pull off hairstyles like side swept buns or ponytails and experiment with braids, as well.

If you want to get your previous haircut and wear a subtle and sweet look, take into consideration these essential tips and make your undercut hair grow out easily.

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