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How to Do Ombre Hair by Yourself

If you are among the women, who haven’t got a chance to go for ombre hair and haven’t got even an idea of it, should know that ombre hair goes from darker to lighter. Celebrities like Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker may be your inspiration of wearing ombre hair. Drew Barrymoore and Khloe Kardashian have also experimented with this amazing hair color trend.

Ombre Hair

Fortunately, you don’t have to rush to the salon to create ombre hair, as you have a great opportunity of doing it by yourself at home. In case you are a beginner, you had better ask your friend for help and fulfill this tricky task together.

In this post, we will teach you how to do ombre hair by yourself, providing you with the information of essential items you should have at hand. Get hair bleach, gloves, clips as well as a bowl to mix the products in it. Reach for a hair brush, several towers together with foils and hair die in an ash blonde shade. Don’t forget about a mirror, chair and a deep conditioning treatment, too.

After having all the essential tools and products for doing ombre, you should carry out preparative actions, which help you stay away from any mistakes.

Before going for ombre, make sure you wear the original shade of your hair. In case your hair is dyed in a bold hair shade, such as red, green or blue and purple, you should first get rid of it and then pass to your ombre. The best option is to have a brown hair color.

Your hair should be in a good condition before bleaching it. If your tresses are damaged or they have been exposed to much heat, then you had better stay away from doing ombre for some time. You are advised to opt for conditioning treatments and cut your tresses to get rid of split tips.

Never do ombre when you have just washed your tresses. You are recommended applying ombre on second day hair, as the natural oils will act as a great protectant against the bleach.

Testing the bleach on a hair piece is a must, as you will be convinced that your hair holds it. In this way you will find out the needed time for bleaching, taking into account the type of your hair.

One of the essential things to consider before doing ombre hair by yourself is the proven fact that it will spoil your outfits. Thus, you should pull off a T-shirt which may be ruined and thrown away after doing ombre. You should also opt for towels, which are no more used. Put them over your chair and furniture to skip any damage.

Get several foils with the help of scissors, and make them in various lengths. Wrap all your tresses in these foils and never try to get a perfect look. Make each hair piece smooth and detangles with the help of a brush. After brushing all your hair, section it into four parts. Start working with the underneath section, adjust it with a hair clip and then go for the middle part. Next reach for the top hair piece and leave your fringe as the last section. Adjust each hair piece with clips.

Take a deep dish and add the bleach into it. Though bleach is a bit harsh it is the best choice for your hair if you have ever changed the color of your tresses. Start its application from the ends using a brush or going for your hands. Make sure your hair looks natural and that the bleach is blended perfectly. After applying bleach on all your hair, leave your bangs out. You should wait for 15 minutes, remove the foils and you will notice lightened ends. Then spread the bleach a bit higher to create a messy vibe. Wrap the foils again and wait for 10 minutes.

If the lightened version satisfies you, you may go to the bathroom and wash your tresses. Choose lukewarm water and avoid applying shampoo. Reach for a conditioner and do gentle massages. Thus, you will get a perfect ombre with deep hair roots and light tips.

Taking care of your ombre hair is essential. Skip applying much heat at least for several weeks and go for hair conditioning by using natural hair masks.

The trend of ombre hair is dominating. It is among the unique trends that never go out of style. Though you may attend the salon and rely on experienced hair colorists, it’s rather easy to do ombre hair by yourself.


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