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How to Care for Braids and Hair Extensions

To maintain a beautiful look, you should have an ability to change your look entirely. Imagine wearing a pixie hairstyle during the day and displaying long tresses at night. Being armed with numerous options, you have to go for some responsibilities and learn the best ways of hair care. Talking to some experts, we have found out how to care for braids and hair extensions.

How to Care for Braids and Hair Extensions

1.  Discover the Proper Type of Hair

To discover the texture of your tresses, you should find out whether you are for a curly or a straight hairstyle, whether you desire to play with the natural texture of your locks or not. You should also find the shade of your hair, whether you crave for a bold color or a subtle one. It’s essential to learn that the color of your extension won’t go with that of your natural tresses, if they aren’t completely dry.

2.  Take Preparative Actions Before Sticking to Installation

Before applying extensions, you should care for your hair, that’s rinse and condition. It’s essential to make your scalp and hair clean for extra hydration. Before wearing your braids, provide your hair with leave-in conditioner and go for coconut oil. When applying weaves, stick to a moisturizing product either liquid or creamy to get rid of the extra oils. You should also go for detangling, as it’s rather difficult to remove knots while applying braids.  

3.  Be Aware of the Expiration Date of Your Extension

You should know that the extensions have their expiration date. They can stay on your hair in a proper state for two months. Consider that this date should not be stretched to three months, as you may end up with tangled tresses, which may cause breakage in its turn.      

4.  Wigs are Flexible

While caring for your braids and hair extensions is a bit difficult and takes you much time, the wigs may be a great substitution. In case of wearing braids, you should leave them on your hair for a month to give your scalp an opportunity of breathing. However, in case of wigs, you may remove them before going to bed and even rinse.   

5.  Skip Chemical Procedures

One of the hair care tips for extensions requires skipping chemical procedures if you aim to wear braids. However, if you have dyed your tresses or gone to keratin treatment, you will have to apply extension in two weeks. It’s essential to keep your natural tresses healthy, as chemical products cause harm and stress to your locks.  

6.  Maintain the Fresh Look of Your Braids

To elongate the life of your hair extensions, you should go for touchups and care for your braids regularly. This tip will refresh your extensions and keep the style in a perfect form for several weeks more. You are advised to take your braid to a salon and shampoo it and opt for steam treatment, bringing the hair extension to its previous shape.

7.  Stay Away from Misconceptions

You may wonder whether your hair extension may fall down or not, whether it differs from your natural tresses or not. To find the solution to these issues, you should take into account the haircut. To get versatile looks, you are recommended applying wigs , as they give you a chance to care for your natural looks and create various styles at the same time.

8.  DIY Hair Freshener

Take a spray bottle and fill it with the mixture of water and any of the healthy oils, such as coconut or rosemary oil. You may also rinse your tresses even with installed braids or you may stick to dry shampoo. Combining water with apple cider vinegar, you will also get a great hair freshener.   

9.  Create a Special Care Routine for Your Extensions

It’s essential to care for the braids and hair extensions at home. Provide them with enough hydration or apply leave-in conditioner on your curly tresses each day. To fight against dryness and prevent your hair from tangling, pull off a scarf in satin when sleeping. Use a paddle brush to comb your extensions to combat knotting. Skip products with heavy formula and instead stick to serums.   

10.  Don’t Go to Bed with Clip-Ins

Due to the clip-ins you may easily pull off and remove hair extensions. If you don ‘t rock clip-ins each day, they will have a longer life. However, you shouldn’t clip-ins when sleeping, as they may pull your tresses and damage them.

Get healthy tresses and make them look thrilling with any hair extension type. Learn the best methods of caring for your braids and hair extensions.


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