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Expert Tips on Growing Out, Shaping and Filling In Eyebrows

According to the latest beauty trends, thick and well-defined brows are a key component of a flawless look. While some of you have thick brows because anyways the rest of us had to wait patiently until our brows will grow back in order to reshape them. Whether you want to keep their natural shape or you’ve decided to try the new bold style, there are a few dos and don’ts that you need to follow. So check out some expert tips on growing out, shaping and filling in eyebrows and get well-informed on the topic.

Expert Tips on Growing Out, Shaping and Filling In Eyebrows


Of course the whole process requires a lot of patience but the results are totally worth it. Luckily there are brow gels and pencils especially designed to help you with that process. Thus if you start noticing some strays that distract attention you can use a brow gel and a pencil to fill in and create the shape that you want to have until your brow will grow back.

Eyebrow Serum

Eyebrow growth serum is a good idea if you’re growing out your brows. However it might not work for those of you who have been waxing brows for years as the follicles on certain areas might be dead. Now a great thing about an eyebrow serum is that it coats the hair making it look thicker and fuller. So it’s definitely worth giving a try.

The Right Supplements

It turns out that there are some supplements especially made for aiding hair growth. They are biotin supplements, rich in proteins and very beneficial for hair, skin and nails. So if you might need to consider taking those pills if you’re brows aren’t growing in.

Classic Style is The Best

Luckily thick eyebrows are very ”in” but even if they weren’t thin eyebrows wouldn’t be the best. Thin eyebrows look weird and very unnatural. Now if don’t really like they idea of having thick brows or you think that shape won’t flatter your face you can just stick with a classic shape.

Plucking is the Best

Waxing might seem easier and faster from the first sight. However to get the desired shape by waxing your brows you need to be well-skilled on the field. Plucking on the other hand, isn’t as risky as waxing as it allows you to take your time to remove the unwanted hair. So there are less chances of making any mistakes.

The Best Way to Shape your Brows

Well keeping the natural shape of your brows is the best you can do. However if you don’t really like the way your brows naturally look then you can reshape them. Of course shaping your brows isn’t the easiest thing to do. So you have to be extremely careful and not pluck until you’re sure about it. As about the arch, all you need to do is follow the bone structure. Also try to work in straight lines and avoid creating any curved lines.


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