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Exercises You Are Actually Doing Wrong

When doing exercises on a long term, you may skip essential guidelines and details, which provide their efficiency. The result will be a wrongly performed workout with less toned muscles. When doing planks or lunges, performing exercises with the help of a jump rope or using a stair machine, you may go wrong and fail to achieve the desired results. Here are exercises you are doing wrong.

Exercises You Are Actually Doing Wrong

1.  Going for Planks

In case you are more prone to planks, as you find them easy for performing, you may perform them in the wrong way. If you keep the pose for 20 seconds and even more, you will fail to tone the core muscles, putting the pressure on the joints. The elbows and the shoulders should create a straight line.

2.  Opting for Side Leg Lifts

The side leg lift workout is great for leg toning. However, it is among the exercises you may actually do wrong when carrying out on a surface, which is flat. In this way the hip muscles are trained instead of the legs. To do this exercise in the right way, take a side pose, put your elbow and one of the legs on the platform, lifting the other leg up and down.

3.  Opting for Lunges

When performing lunges, you should create a straight line with your knee and ankle. Otherwise, the pressure will shift from the hips and ankles, concentrating on the leg knee, instead. Go for concentrating on the stationary pose to be assured that the front knee isn’t bent out.

4.  Going for Crunches

Crunches may be considered one of the exercises you are actually performing wrong. The mistake is in the application of the arms, which help you move your head to the upper direction, and leg pushing. Widely open your elbows and be assured that you go for body curling instead of pushing your abs toward the upper point.  

5.  Going for Squats

Performing squats in the wrong way may cause harm to your knees. If you do them by making your knees bend forward and don’t make your body go down enough, the pressure will fall on the joints instead of the muscles. The secret of doing this exercise properly is making your knees bend when making your hips go back. Be assured that there is a straight line between your knees and ankles.      

6.  Going for Lat Pulldowns

Toning arms with the help of lat pulldowns is essential. But they are among the exercises you are actually doing wrong in case you keep your hands at a distance and go for much leaning. To perform this exercise in a correct form, create a parallel line between your arms and spine and go for 15 degrees leaning.

7.  Doing Biceps Curls

If you want the biceps curls type of exercise to be more effective, take a standing pose instead of sitting down, no matter whether you opt for dumbbells or reach for a bar. It tones your legs and the lower part of your back.    

8.  Doing Push Ups

You may face numerous mistakes when doing pushups. High hip pushing, keeping your hands very close each other or bending too low and losing the straightness of your body are among the mistakes. Create a straight line between your neck and spine to carry out perfect pushups.  

9.  Opting for Jump Rope

Though jump rope seems one of the effortless exercises to perform, you may make many mistakes. Applying a short rope is a great mistake, as you will have to bend your body. Instead of using your shoulders, go for your wrists when standing on your feet balls and not on the sole.

10.  Opting for Stair Climbing

It is rather tricky to carry out the workout with the help of a stair climber machine. Keeping the weight of your body on the console is one of the mistakes you may make, as it leaves its negative influence on your pose.  

Find some time to carry out workout analyzing. Doing it from time to time, you will be well aware of the mistakes you might make. Thus, pay much attention to the exercises, which are generally done wrong and try to follow the essential rules.

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