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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Hair Dandruff

Dandruff has much in common with snowflakes but it doesn’t melt and disappear from your head. Hair dandruff is more stubborn and doesn’t go away easily. Dandruff appears not only in your hair but on your scalp as well, as it’s your dry skin that causes flakes.

Almost everyone has faced this small problem and has tried to get rid of hair dandruff. It’s quite unpleasant if your friends notice a great amount of dandruff in your tresses. Thus, we have picked up the easy ways to get rid of hair dandruff.

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Hair Dandruff

Before passing to the effective methods of getting rid of hair dandruff, you should get acquainted with the main reasons of its appearance in your hair. Having a dry skin may be the number one cause of hair dandruff. If your skin is too oily or it is red, you may also face this problem. In case you don’t reach for shampoos frequently, there may be a product build up in your hair. Eczema and psoriasis will also give rise to hair dandruff. Opting for products with wrong ingredients may cause skin redness and irritation, which is followed by dandruff.

You should consider other reasons of having dandruff in your tresses, as well. Polluted air is the enemy of your hair. Lack of sleep and nutrients may be another great reason of dandruff. Finally, the dangerous UV rays will burn your skin, make it dry and give rise to dandruff.

After being aware of the main causes of hair dandruff, you had better find out the easy ways of getting rid of it.

1.  Opt for Natural Oils

There is a great variety of natural oils that have skin soothing and hair hydrating features. You may opt for olive oil or avocado oil. You may apply castor oil, jojoba oil and reach for coconut oil, as well. When taking care of your skin and hair, you should choose natural oils, as they are high in nutrients.

Take into account these natural hair masks with natural oils and with moisturizing features.

Prepare a Clay Mask with Coconut and Castor Oils

This fabulous hair mask will definitely fight against dandruff due to its moisturizing and antibacterial features, helping you get a skin without flakes. For this fantastic recipe you should blend the clay (2 tbsp) with mineral water (1/4 cup) to get a soft paste. Then combine the castor oil (1 tbsp) and coconut oil (1 tbsp) with the juice of lemon (1/2). Apply the mask on the skin of your scalp and wait for an hour until it becomes completely dry. Then rinse your tresses with warm water and shampoo, without ignoring the conditioner.

Coconut and Essential Oils for Scalp Cleansing

Make sure that your tresses are dry. Take a bowl and blend Melaleuca Oil (2 drops), rosemary oil (2 drops) together with coconut (1/2 cup) and olive oils (1 tbsp). Reach for the applicator brush and spread the mask on your hair roots as well as on the skin of your scalp. If there is a little paste left, apply it on your tresses, as well. After 30 minutes, you may rinse off your hair.

2.  Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Washing hair with apple cider vinegar is one of the well-known hair care tips to opt for. It provokes hair glow and softness. However, it is proved that apple cider vinegar is fabulous for the scalp, as well. After taking a shower, wash your tresses with apple cider vinegar to get all its benefits and get rid of hair dandruff.

3.  Apply Yogurt

To prevent hair dandruff from appearing, you are advised to give a try to an effective hair mask with yogurt. Apply it on your scalp and hair after blending with essential oils.

4.  Baking Soda Treatment

Baking soda has numerous benefits and is applied for fixing various problems. Dandruff is among the problems that may be solved with baking soda. Here are the best ways of applying baking soda to fight dandruff:

  • Mix baking soda (2-3 tbsp) and cool water (1 cup). Spread this mixture on the scalp and start massaging the scalp. You may wash the paste off your hair in several seconds.
  • You may also mix a little baking soda with shampoos. Sticking to herbal shampoos, you hair will become softer. Add baking soda to the small amount of shampoo you aim to apply on your hair and use it as a shampoo to rinse your hair.
  • You may also apply apple cider vinegar after using baking soda on your hair. They fight against hair loss and such problems as dandruff and skin dryness.


5.  Reach for Right Shampoos and Conditioners

The number of shampoos and conditioners created to fight dandruff is countless. The most essential thing is to opt for the right product. Consider the following ingredients, which help you get rid of hair dandruff:

  • Opt for zinc pyrithione, as it diminishes yeast production.
  • Reach for selenium sulphide, which affects the oil production
  • Known for its anti-fungal properties coal tar is the best ingredient to go for.
  • No one can deny the great result of ketoconazole. Being high in anti-fungal properties, it may be applied by women of any age.
  • Go for products rich in salicylic acids which aid you get rid of the dry skin of your scalp.
  • Being an antiseptic, tea tree oil is widely used against dandruff.
  • Green tea combats dandruff and cures psoriasis.

6.  Get Rid of Dandruff for a Long Time

One of the essential reasons of hair dandruff is the lack of hydration. To skip having a dry skin as well as flakes, you had better use as much water as possible in order to provide your skin with moisture. In case you can’t stick to water for a long time, replace it with coconut water. It has a hydrating feature and is high in healthy minerals as well as vitamins.

If none of these easy ways has helped you to combat dandruff, you had better look for another serious problem with the help of a professional to get a right treatment.

Thus, these easy ways will definitely be your friend, if you desire to get rid of hair dandruff quickly and for a long time. Find the best solution and the right treatment for your problem.


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