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Easy Hacks for Contouring Your Face

Most of you face difficulties in contouring the face and especially the cheekbones, that’s why you stick to the idea of avoiding this essential step when doing your makeup. However, a little bronzer in a matte tone applied underneath your cheekbones is able to totally change your look. The only tool you will have to own is a makeup brush, which will aid you contour your face both in an angular and a globular shape. Thus, before contouring your face, take into account these easy makeup hacks using a contour powder in a brown tone.

Easy Hacks for Contouring Your Face

1.  Contouring Hack with Tape

To get an angular-formed face contouring, you may experiment with an easy tape hack. All you need is a little blending technique to achieve the desired look. Work with the makeup brush below your tape and after taking it away from your face skin, you will be tempted with your amazing cheekbones. However, you shouldn’t forget about blending. This method is quite easy to perform but in case you have applied foundation on your face, it may be spoiled and taken off.  

2.  Contouring Hack with Spoon

Spoon is multi functional and its great role in the beauty industry isn’t arguable. Spoon is used for lash curling and getting rid of eye puffiness. The contouring feature is also added to the list. Concealing the part of your face which shouldn’t be contoured resembles the trick of applying the tape. Put the spoon on your cheekbones and taking the brush, spread the contour powder. Never put a great pressure on your face with a spoon, as that part of your face will become red. After taking off the spoon, go for blending for the final result.

Some of you may give preference to the spoon hack for contouring your face as due to its curvy form, you will create a more natural look. Moreover, it won’t take your foundation off your face.    

3.  Contouring Hack with Letter E

If you have no equipment at your hand but want to perfectly contour your face, you may give a try to this easy hack. The only one and the most essential thing you should do is to paint a letter E with the help of a makeup brush, starting from your forehead and extending to the jaw. Moreover, this letter also resembles C, which is a perfect chance to go for highlighting, getting its way underneath the brow bone and going down to the head of the cheekbones.  

Thus, we provided you with three easy hacks for contouring your face. Find out the best one for you and bravely go for it, getting an amazing makeup look.

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