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Easy Guide for Treating Split Hair Ends

Split hair ends are an unpleasant dream you may face. After hair splitting, it becomes rather difficult to treat them. We call split hair ends as Trichoptilosis. If you face this problem, cutting seems the only solution to remove them. There are various stages of split ends. There may be splits on all your tresses, or numerous splits on the same hair strand or a single split at the center of the hair piece. Fortunately, there is an easy guide for treating split hair ends. However, you should first find the main causes of split hair ends.

Easy Guide for Treating Split Hair Ends

1.  Chemical Products

If you bleach your hair or go for hair dying, you are more likely to cause damage to your healthy tresses, as these products are high in chemicals. The water in the swimming pool contains chlorine, which is also dangerous for your hair. The follicles of your hair become prone to splitting even by washing your hair with water high in calcium carbonate.       

2.  Wrong Styling

Brushing your hair roughly may lead to split hair ends. The tips become fragile and soft, if treated and styled in a harsh way. Skip over brushing, as it is one of the main causes of splits. Hair bands should also be chosen carefully, as in case of using one, having a metal connector, may damage your tresses.     

3.  Too Much Heat

If you are in the sun for a long time, or apply heat styling tools too much, you will definitely have broken hair ends.   

4.  Rinsing with Harsh Type of Shampoo

Frequent application of shampoo, which is too harsh, may spoil your tresses and give rise to split ends.

Now we will post several tips on how to treat split hair ends.

  • Opt for natural tresses or if you are prone to dying, seek for products, having organic ingredients. Opt for products, high in lemon or honey, as they have a hair lightening feature, and don’t damage your hair too much.
  • Before swimming in the swimming pool, wear a cap or apply leave-in conditioner. Make sure you wash your tresses just after getting out of water to remove the chlorine.
  • Skip hair backcombing and apply comb with wide teeth. Get rid of the tangles gently and in case of stubborn tangles, reach for a special lotion.  
  • One of the easy ways to treat split hair ends is to wear a cap when going out in the sun in order to fight against UV rays. You may also go for a spray with a heat protectant feature and style your hair into a lovely bun.
  • When drying your hair, pat it with a towel instead of rubbing. Skip hair brushing when it’s still damp.
  • Heat is one of the enemies of your hair, so you had better diminish the use of hair dryer. Stay away from straightening tools, as well.
  • To bring your hair to a perfect state and treat split ends, go for regular trimming. Cut the hair ends every two months.
  • Apply products which are great for your hair type and care for your tresses. Skip wearing too many products on your hair in order not to face build-up.
  • Never rinse your tresses each day, as the follicles of your hair will become dry, causing harm to your hair ends, as well.
  • Try a deep conditioning treatment and reach for a leave-in-conditioner. Apply products high in jojoba oil or argan oil. Seek for a product with avocado, as well.
  • Use as much water as possible and make sure you go for a diet, rich in healthy vitamins and minerals. Provide your skin with hydration and get shiny tresses.
  • Consider also that it’s essential to use right scissors when cutting the split ends. Hairdressing scissors are the best option if you don’t want to harm your hair.

Thus, take these effective tips as your guide for treating split hair ends and enjoy your healthy tresses.


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