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Common Beauty Mistakes with Sensitive Skin

To skip various skin problems, you should be too attentive when dealing with a sensitive skin. Everything from opting for the right products to using them in your beauty routine should be taken into consideration for skin protection. Thus, find out the common beauty mistakes you may face with sensitive skin. Try to avoid making them and you will enjoy your fresh complexion.

Common Beauty Mistakes with Sensitive Skin

1.  Experimenting with Unknown Products

In case your skin is sensitive, you should avoid applying products with unknown and irritation-causing formulas. When creating your own skin care program, you had better skip using several new ingredients at the same time. Give your skin some time to get adjusted to the one unknown product and then experiment with another one. In this way, you will be able to find out which of the products lead to skin irritation.

2.  Ignoring the Patch Test

Refusing to carry out a patch test is one of the common beauty mistakes with sensitive skin. Before applying an unknown product on all your face, you should test it on your neck and in case there is no reaction during the day, you may bravely opt for it.   

3.  Skin Cleansing in a Rough Way

Not all cleansers are the friend of your skin. Some of them may cause irritation because of harsh ingredients. However, even the gentle cleanser may be bad for your sensitive skin, in case you go for over-washing. Opt for cleansers deprived of sulfate, as it will cause dryness. Rinse your face twice daily (in the morning and in the evening), and stick to milk-based products.

4.  Providing Your Skin with Much Moisture

If your face is too dry, you will be allured to provide it with extra moisture, which may become one of the common beauty mistakes with sensitive skin. In case you apply moisture-enhancing products too frequently, it will affect the production of sebum. You only need to use moisturizer after you purify your skin.  

5.  Not Applying Right Scrubs on Your Face

Taking into account the sensitivity level of your skin, you should choose right facial scrubs or avoid them altogether. Natural scrubs, prepared with salt and brown sugar, may cause more irritation to your sensitive skin. Exfoliating products with tiny particles and packed with castor oil as well as glycerin cause less harm to your skin.  

6.  Experimenting with Microdermabrasin

Professionals recommend skipping microdermabrasin treatment, as it is considered another common beauty mistake for sensitive skin. If you dare to experiment with this treatment, you will end up with skin ruddiness and irritation. You are advised to reach for chemical peels high in fruit enzymes.   

7.  Not Paying Attention to Skin Dryness

It isn’t enough to apply moisturizing product on your dry skin. If you deal with a dry and sensitive skin, you are advised to stick to oils, as well. You may reach for almond or rosehip oils to bring your skin into balance. Jojoba as well as primrose oils should also be considered when fighting against skin dryness. When opting for serums, look for one high in linoleic acid.   

8.  Not Considering the Reaction of Your Skin

You will make a common beauty mistake if you apply products without considering the reaction of your skin. Otherwise, you won’t achieve great results.

9.  Pore Clogging because of Sweat-Causing Workouts

Certain workouts like hot yoga may cause sweat, leaving its bad influence on your skin and making the pores clog. You had better skip saunas to stay away skin ruddiness, caused by heat.

10.  Applying High Concentrations of Tested Substances

Instead of skipping products rich in Vitamin C and glycolic acid altogether, you had better take small concentrations and test them. AHAs are bad for your sensitive skin but you shouldn’t avoid using them altogether in order not to make a common beauty mistake.

Don’t ignore the sensitivity of your skin when caring for it. Avoid the most common beauty mistakes with sensitive skin and you will face fewer problems, enjoying the perfection of your complexion.


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