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Best Smokey Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Smokey eye makeup is one great look you can pick to emphasize the beautiful color of your eyes. When creating a smokey eye makeup there is a necessity to apply deep eyeshadows and blend them perfectly for an amazing look. To get this bewitching look you may apply various shadows from dark to light for a gradient effect. Picking the most flattering eyeshadow colors and learning the correct way of applying them is the first step to creating a sultry smokey eye makeup for your green eyes. You should have at hand shadow together with its brushes, primer and concealer. You will also need mascara and eyeliner in black and lash curler. We hope, you won’t forget about the mirror!

Best Smokey Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Complementary Tones

It’s evident that there is a certain link between all colors, no matter whether it’s primary, secondary or tertiary. The mixture of primary tones (red, blue and yellow) gives rise to the secondary colors, such as purple, green as well as reddish-yellow. The combination of red and orange, blue and purple is considered tertiary tones. Frequently, two opposite colors go perfectly with each other and aid one another to be accentuated.

True purple and pale violet as well as pink colors make the green eyes get an outstanding look. Red shade is one of the worst options for green eyes, as it makes your eyes look tired. Opt for shades with warm undertones to create a gorgeous balance with your eccentric eye color.

Apply Primer on Your Eyes

The first and the most essential makeup trick is to apply primer on your lids before creating the smokey look. Due to the sticky base, your shadow won’t crease and there will be no smudges. The next step after achieving an even surface should be the application of concealer under your eyes to make the dark circles invisible.

Eye Outlining

On your way of creating smokey eye makeup for your green eyes, don’t forget about applying black eyeliner on your top and bottom lash lines for a more defined look. Don’t outline along the whole lash line, as your eyes will look smaller.

Apply Highlighter on Your Eyes

To brighten up your look and enlarge your eyes, go for highlighting. Apply it on your brow bone and in the internal eye edges. Stick to the white highlighter or experiment with the beige one with the help of a tiny brush.

Choose the Accent Shade

It’s an essential tip to opt for the right accent shade when creating the smokey eye makeup. In case your eyes are green, stick to the red-undertoned violet shade to help your eyes stand out. The purple shade should be neither too dark nor too light in order to create a perfect contrast with the highlighter and the deeper shade. Spread the purple eyeshadow using a shadow brush.

Create a Perfect Definition of Your Eyes

Using black-toned shadow along your lash line and the external eye corner, you will achieve more definition of your eyes. Don’t leave any vivid lines, instead go for ideal blending.

Go for Shadow Blending

When creating a smokey eye makeup, it’s a must to blend the main shade (the accent shade) with the tone of the highlighter with the help of a medium tone. Never try to create a precise look, let it a bit imperfect for a real smokey vibe.

Make Your Lashes Stand Out

Smokey eye makeup will be incomplete without long eyelashes. To maintain it, use the lash curler and then apply mascara in two coats.

Green eyes are capricious, so choosing a splendid eye makeup for them is a bit complicated. However, we found out that smokey eye makeup is the best choice for green eyes, which also serves to highlight their beautiful color.

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