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All about the Low FODMAP Diet

Finding its origin in Stanford University, the Low FODMAP diet is a power solution to people who suffer from bowel syndrome and disease as well as from celiac disease. Though the Low FODMAP diet isn’t known for its calorie losing properties, we regard it as one of the trends, as it calms down diarrhea and fights against bloating.

There are many other advantages of the Low FODMAP diet, which you had better find out and take into consideration when facing digestive problems. Thus, below we will post all about the Low FODMAP diet you need to know.

All about the Low FODMAP Diet

1.  Find the Principle of the Low FODMAP Diet

The main aim of the Low FODMAP diet is to make the symptoms less severe by diminishing the carbs. Following this diet, you will have to limit the use of foods which are high in carbs to combat bloating. However, you had better consult a professional before sticking to this fabulous diet.

2.  What do We Understand By Low FODMAP Diet

FODMAPs, Oligosaccharides as well as Polyols and Disaccharides are included not only in fruits and veggies but in corn syrup, as well. Grains together with dairy are also high in these ingredients. This diet requires limiting the use of foods which are packed with the mentioned compounds.

Grains like barley and wheat are high in oligosaccharides and contain gluten, as well. Lentils and beans are among the legumes rich in carbs. We should also mention onions and broccoli together with leeks as vegetables, which are packed with oligosaccharides. Nectarines are fruits, rich in crabs, as well.

When following the Low FODMAP diet, you should stay away from the use of dairy, such as cheese and milk. Yogurts should also be ignored, as they are high in lactose.

Avoid eating fruits and pears, if you don’t want to get monosaccharide. Give up eating honey as well as asparagus if you stick to the Low FODMAP diet.

Blackberries as well as cauliflower are high in polyols. Mushrooms and avocado are also a great source of polyols.

3.  The Way the Low FODMAP Diet Works

The Low FODMAP diet shouldn’t be followed without the help of a dietitian. Though this diet isn’t completely deprived of gluten and dairy, it is a great option in case you have problems with imperfect absorption of lactose and in case you are sensitive to gluten. After keeping the Low FODMAP diet for several weeks and going for restrictions, you are recommended eating foods rich in FODMAP in a right way to find out those ones which may be used in limits.

4.  Create the Schedule of Your Meals

One of the essential things you should know about the Low FODMAP diet is creating the schedule of the meals. To get all the benefits of this amazing diet, you should pay attention to the digestion process. Thus, there is a need of meal timing and wait for 3-4 hours until passing to the next snack.

5.  The Reason of Asking a Professional for Help

As the Low FODMAP diet consists of phases, which require ignoring foods high in FODMAP for six weeks, there is a necessity of asking a dietitian for help. You should be sure that your body gets enough nutrition as you have to go for restrictions.

6.  Does the Low FODMAP Diet Have a Weight Loss Feature?

Though this diet has nothing to do with the calorie loss, you may still opt for healthy foods which don’t lead to weight gain. If your aim is to get rid of bloating, then thie Low FODMAP diet is the best option.

7.  Is the Low FODMAP Diet Easy to Keep?

It is not easy to keep the Low FODMAP diet, as it will cost you much money to opt for the right foods. You should also skip from alcoholic drinks, such as beer.   

Be very careful when following the Low FODMAP diet and don’t expect weight loss. Instead, you will be able to solve several essential health problems and feel great.


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