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9 Types of Yoga You Should Try

Yoga doesn’t only require body stretching; it also trains your mind and provides relaxation. Get acquainted with various types of yoga, which fight against insomnia and stress. Yoga also relieves soreness and combats fatigue.

Various yoga types are created for different aims. If your goal is to get rid of stress and anxiety, you had better stick to restorative yoga. To boost energy and lose extra pounds, opt for vinyasa or hatha yoga types. Yoga has a muscle strengthening feature and creates a great harmony between your mind and feelings. It combats numerous health issues and prevents depression.

Types of Yoga You Should Try

1.  Try Vinyasa Yoga Type

Vinyasa is among the best-known yoga types, which is worth trying. It has much in common with a workout class. Carrying out Vinyasa yoga, you should breathe when moving, as it’s magical for your health as well as muscles. It is also beneficial for your weight loss, making you feel energized and strong.

2.  Hatha Yoga

This yoga type includes various postures, which change quite frequently. Hatha gives you flexibility and makes your muscles stronger. When going for yoga classes, you won’t have to carry out quick movements but you will be able to achieve elasticity. Hatha makes you be conscious of the mechanics of your body.

3.  Yin Yoga

Yin yoga type finds its development in all over the world. Everyone may perform this yoga without any age dependence, as it enhances the recovery of the muscles and diminishes soreness. To do yin yoga, lie on the ground and skip bending your muscles. Instead, stretch your muscles for several minutes and boost up flexibility. The restorative yoga type combats insomnia and tension. It is an ideal option for women who want to heal their feelings and fight against depression.

4.  Asthanga Yoga

In case you are prone to structure, the Asthanga yoga type may be your great choice. It is known for its five sequences, following each other. If you are for discipline or seek for a great change in your life, you had better perform Asthanga 3 hours each day. Trying this yoga type, your health will be improved and the digestion process will be regulated. The toxins will be removed from your skin and you won’t be exposed to injuries. Besides, you will face no ache in your back as well as neck.

5.  Bikram Yoga

Bikram is one of the yoga types you should definitely try. It involves various postures, which are carried out in a hot room. Consider that it greatly differs from other yoga types. During the Bikram yoga you sweat a lot, though you pull off little outfits. This yoga is ideal for losing extra pounds when preparing for a wedding.

6.  Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has much in common with Bikram type but the poses are quite different. The classes are combined and there are used various styles during the class. You will definitely feel hot when performing this yoga. Your muscles are flexible and toned.

7.  Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga resembles much in hatha. It is based on the straight line position and concentrates on anatomy. If you are interested in the function of the body mechanics and want to stay away from injuries when performing yoga classes, opt for iyengar yoga.

8.  Kriya Yoga

If you look for an original type of yoga, stick to Kriya. This yoga type is focused on enlightenment and is popular in the United States as well as India.

9.  Kundalini Yoga 

Meditation is the base of the Kundalini yoga. When performing classes, everyone is dressed in white. Besides, they wear head wraps. This yoga finds its influence on your nervous system. It will affect your creativity, as well.     

Consider all of these 9 types of yoga and find the best style for your body and mind. Give a try to all of them and make your final choice, considering the result you want to achieve.

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