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9 Tips to Make Shaving Last

Shaving is known to everyone, but the proper way of doing it is still a great problem for many women. Being aware of the right technique of shaving is of great importance if your aim is to get a smooth skin and keep it for a long time. Great experts reveal some essential secrets and claim that you should take care of your skin not only after but also before the shaving process. Have a look at these 9 tips to make shaving last.

Tips to Make Shaving Last

1.  Before the shaving process, apply salt scrub to make the dead cells rise, as there may always be hair hidden under the skin. Use circular movements and spread the scrub form your ankles, gradually going up. In case of a sensitive skin, you had better reach for exfoliating gloves.

2.  Before reaching for the razor, you should take a shower to get rid of natural oils and provide your hair with hydration. Don’t soak your body in water more than 3 minutes, otherwise it may get wrinkled.

3.  Before carrying out the shaving process, use a shave gel rich in moisture to lock in the moisture. This essential tip will make the razor move smoothly, making the shaving last. Don’t opt for soaps, as they may lead to skin dryness.

4.  Be reasonable when opting for a razor. It should carry out the job properly. Reach for a razor, which may provide exfoliation by taking away the dead skin cells, and opt for shave gels with skin softening features.

5.  To make your shaving last, you should opt for a new blade, as it gives a smoother finish due to the close shaving. The new blade will also help you stay away from cuts and causes no irritation. As soon as you notice that the blade has become dull and it’s not comfortable for application, opt for the new one.  

6.  Don’t press too much when shaving. Perform it in the way you feel more comfortable. To shave in the area, which is too sensitive, go for re-lathering.  

7.  There are certain parts which are shaved with a great difficulty. Ankles and thighs are among the most difficult shaving parts you may deal with. Thus, you may delay their shaving and perform it for last.  

8.  After the shaving process, wash your skin and make it dry by patting with a towel. Go for gentle rubbing and skip making your skin totally dry. The water will be mixed with the moisturizing product, fighting against skin dryness.

9.  Apply body oil on your skin. Opt for coconut oil or experiment with macadamia oil, as they have a nourishing feature. You may use these oil each night before going to bed.

Don’t ignore any of these crucial tips, if you desire to make shaving last. Take them as your guide and carry them out with great caution.

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