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8 Precious Beauty Tricks for Women With a Large Forehead

Having complexes because of your forehead? Well, who said that we all have to completely jibe with the dictated beauty criteria? Remember it all depends on how you feel inside. It is not accidental that confident women are the most attractive in the modern world. However if you don’t feel that confident showing your forehead there are some easy beauty tricks that you can use to draw attention away from it. So let’s find out what the common beauty tricks for women with a large forehead are all about and forget about our insecurities forever!

Precious Beauty Tricks for Women With a Large Forehead

Pay Attention on the Proportions

It has been proved that larger foreheads most of times are results of high hairlines or low brows. So it is very important to consider the proportions. In such cases wearing a high ponytail with not bangs at all is the worst you can do. Getting some layers in the front or even short bangs would be the best you can do for a flawless look.

Give the Perfect Shape to your Brows

Try to minimize the distance between your eyebrows and your hairline by defining your eyebrows. Brush eyebrows up and use even brow gel if needed in order to keep everything in place. Additionally you use eyebrow pencil to fill in. It all depends on how do naturally look your brows.

Bet on Optical Illusion

Contouring and highlighting techniques are always there to help us. So why not use them to get the desired effects? To achieve your goal, first of all you need to ensure you’re working with two shades of foundation. Choose shade lighter than your natural color and one shade darker. Apply the lighter shade on the center of your face and the darker one around the perimeter. Blend well for better effects and make sure there are no lines on your jaw line.

Change your Part

Avoid having a center part as that will draw attention on your forehead. What you can do instead is try a deep side part that will conceal your forehead.

Get Bangs

Long, full bangs seem to be just ideal for girls who have a large forehead. Keep your bangs perfectly straight and wear your hair up or down depending on your preference.

Add Some Volume

Wear a voluminous hairstyle in order to create the illusion of having a smaller forehead. Also try adding some texture around the face. For example you can have loose curls or face-framing waves.

Wear a Bold Lip Color

This is an easy a very effective beauty trick that’s definitely worth giving a try. By wearing a bold lip color you’ll draw attention on your lips and distract it from your forehead. Cool, isn’t it?

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