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8 Hair Removal Hacks for Sensitive Skin

Trying to get a smooth skin, we may sometimes forget about the sensitivity of our skin as well as the forthcoming ruddiness and pain. Thus, the wrong way of shaving may give rise to irritation and dryness. To stay away from shaving problems, beauty experts have shared their best hair removal hacks for sensitive skin.  

Hair Removal Hacks for Sensitive Skin

1.  Remove Your Hair When Taking a Shower

Instead of removing your hair in the hot bath, opt for a shower, as the former will cause skin ruddiness even before the shaving process.   

2.  Opt for a Razor Appropriate for Your Skin Type

 When having a sensitive skin, you should reach for a special razor, which causes no irritation and provides close hair removal. The ribbon has a moisturizing feature and blends aloe vera with protection-enhancing lubricants to provide an easy application of razor.

3.  Exfoliate Beforehand

In case you face ingrown hairs, you should go for exfoliation beforehand. It is one of the hair removal hacks for sensitive skin and it will make the hidden hairs go out, getting rid of the dead cells, as well.  

4.  Go for Skin Soaking

It’s crucial to immerse your body in warm water for several minutes before removing your hair in order to make the skin expand and cut the undesired hair easily. You should consider that too hot water is bad for your skin and may lead to ruddiness. The skin will be provided with excess hydration, preventing the close shaving.  

5.  Remove Hair in Sections

Skip shaving the same area for several times in case your skin is too sensitive to stay away from further problems. Instead, remove hair in sections and go from your ankle to your knee and then stretch from your knee to your thigh.

6.  Cold Water against Nick

When removing your hair, you may cut yourself. Cold water applied on the cotton pad is great against bleeding, as it will squeeze the capillaries.

7.  Use Natural Oils

To calm down the sore after the shaving process, you should opt for natural oils. Coconut oil is a great option due to its curing feature and is designed for sensitive skin types.  

8.  Use Honey to Cure Rashes

Using honey is one of the hair removal hacks for sensitive skin. In case of bumps, you may reach for the Manuka honey or go for the raw option to reduce the sore and calm your skin. Honey will also combat inflammation. After waiting for 20 minutes, you may wash the honey off your face, using cool water.  

These efficient hair removal hacks will aid you stay away from any disturbance concerned with your sensitive skin. Follow them and you will certainly notice the great difference.


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