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8 Beauty Rules to Break In 2015

The beauty world gives us a unique chance of carrying out experimentations. However, there are certain beauty rules, which should be followed or broken. While some of the rules have a good reasoning, such as removing makeup before going to bed, others may seem rather unreasonable and make us wonder. If you have a strong desire to get acquainted with the beauty rules to break in 2015, then this post is created just for you.

Beauty Rules to Break In 2015

1.  Never Team Bold Eye Makeup with Bold Lipstick

Though we are used to following the beauty rule that requires skipping two bold shades in one makeup, you may definitely break it in 2015. Never get afraid of teaming a dramatic eye makeup with a bold toned lipstick. The only rule to go for is not to extend the eyeshadow along the crease as well as replacing steady lipstick application with dabbing.

2.  Lash Curling Before Applying Mascara

 It was always known that lash curling should be performed before applying mascara; otherwise it would cause damage the lashes. However, we enlist it among the beauty rules that may be broken in 2015. Do the curling process after the mascara is completely dry on your lashes and it will help the curled lashes get a fuller look.

3.  Lip Liner is Applied for Lip Outlining

Besides its main purpose, lip liner is applied for other intentions, as well. Lip liner may be not only a perfect substitute for eyeliner, it may also be applied for lip filling, if you want to achieve a gorgeous matte lipstick.

4.  Foundation Should be Applied on the Entire Face

If there is no necessity of spreading foundation on your entire face, bravely break this beauty look. It’s quite enough to use a little foundation on the affected area for a perfect coverage. The only thing worth considering is the right foundation shade and the difference won’t be visible.   

5.  Layer Your Makeup with Powder

It’s true that powder is a great product to prevent your foundation from creasing. However, in case your skin is too dry, avoid applying powder; otherwise dry patches will be emphasized.   

Beauty Rules to Break In 2015

6.  Apply Bronzer in Summer

Bronze is applied to add glow to your skin in summer though it’s the best time to be proud of your natural skin glow and throw away this product. If you find your skin tone pale and dull on cold winter days, you may reach for bronzer and apply it on your temples as well as cheeks to provide them with vivacity.

7.  Blush Should Be Applied Only On the Cheek Apples

 We have been used to spreading blush only on our cheek apples. However, it’s one of the beauty rules that should be broken in 2015. In case of a round face form, the blush applied on your cheek apples will emphasize the roundness even more. To make your face look slimmer, you are advised to use lush along the cheekbones.

8.  Choose Matching Colors for Your Brows and Hair

Though this beauty rule is disputable, we should notice that pencils as well as powders in a brown shade look perfect with almost all hair colors. By no means, there will be various tones according to the shade of your hair. For example, blonde-haired women should experiment with dark grey and brown tones. Dark-haired women had better go for a deep brown shade as it’s a bit lighter than the black color.   

Beauty imposes certain rules which should be strictly followed while there are some which may be broken in 2015. Taking them into consideration, you will look screaming and astounding as never before.


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