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7 Bad Habits That Make Your Acne Worse

Acne is among the most frustrating skin issues that any woman has to deal with during a certain period of her life. However besides the age factor there are also other things and bad habits that can cause acne or make your skin’s condition even worse. Well to prevent your skin from breaking out, first of all you need to know what could actually harm your skin causing acne issues. To help you with that we decided to present a list of the most common bad habits that harm your skin and that make acne worse. So take a look!

Bad Habits That Make Your Acne Worse

Too Much Washing

If you’re washing your face more than once a day then you’re doing the wrong thing. Too much washing can dry out your skin. Now as you know dry skin is the main reason of excess oil. So if you think that by washing your skin you’re preventing it from breaking out you’re actually mistaken. Thus wash your hair once during the day and avoid using hot water. Lukewarm water seems to be the best in this case.


Just as over-washing exfoliating more than once a week can also lead to some unwanted side effects. In some cases there might be some serious skin damages as well. Generally intense exfoliation is known for causing irritation and damaging the skin.

Popping Pimples the Wrong Way

The first thing that comes in our mind after noticing a pimple is squeezing.  Well guess what! That way you’ll do nothing more than just spread the bacteria. Now there’s also the correct way to pop a pimple. The latter assumes using a sterile needle and piercing the pimple from the side and ripping it upward.

Combining Too Much Products

A lot depends on your skin care regimen. Especially if you’re using anti-acne products you have to make sure you’re not using more than one acne-targeting formula.

Not Following the Same Regimen for a Long Time

Ok you need to slow down with your skin care regimen. Especially skin’s health needs some time to completely recover. So do not expect any dramatic changes within couple days and please don’t rush to get disappointed with the new product just because you haven’t seen its effects yet. Wait for at least two weeks and then start thinking whether it’s the right formula for you or not.

Not Applying Moisturizer

Whether you have dry or oily skin moisturizer is a must. If you happen to have oily skin then you might just opt for oil-free formulas in order to protect your skin from any side effects. Also choosing a moisturizer with SPF would be a good idea as anti-acne treatments usually make the skin sensitive to the sun and some extra protection is necessary.

Choosing the Wrong Product

Last but not least choosing the wrong product can also affect your skin in a bad way. So it is very important to read carefully the label on the back and consider whether a certain product is good or bad for your skin.


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