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6 Ways to Wear White Eyeliner in Winter

Replacing your black eyeliner with one in a white shade is a perfect option for creating a bright and glowy look in winter. It is proved that white eyeliner has a power of refreshing looks. Instead of overcoming your bold lipstick tone, it highlights your gorgeous eyes.

Improve your skills of applying makeup and create a stunning look in winter by wearing white eyeliner. These easy ways of rocking white eyeliner may be your guide to an interesting look.

1.  Applying black eyeliner along your top and bottom lash lines will provide you with an edgy and sharp look, adding a rockery touch, as well. Doing the same trick with white eyeliner will result in a subtle and shiny makeup look in winter, which won’t overcome your bold lipstick. After swiping the white eyeliner, join the lines in your inner eye edge.

Ways to Wear White Eyeliner in Winter

2.  Spicing up your smoky eye makeup with white eyeliner is another way of wearing it in winter. Stick to the hot look but apply white eyeliner on the lower lash line for a great contrast. First apply shadow in a charcoal grey tone on your eyelid, then add white or metallic color overhead the crease. Reach for black eyeliner to master a cat-eye makeup and finish the look by swiping white eye shadow in the interior eye edges.

Ways to Wear White Eyeliner in Winter

3.  Create a retro vibe in winter by combining white and blue eyeliners along your lower waterline. Start applying white eyeliner from the inner eye edge to the center of the lash line and finish the line with the help of the blue eyeliner. Leave the rest of your eye makeup blank, skipping shadow and mascara.

Ways to Wear White Eyeliner in Winter

4.  Opt for a graphic touch and team three distinct liner tones on the bottom lash line. Play with red and black shades, adding the white tone, as well. Start from the application of white eyeliner, then opt for the black one and finish with the red tone. Create another straight line with white eyeliner and skip creating any grab. Reach for slim gel pencils to be able to control the lines and fight against smudging by applying spray.

Ways to Wear White Eyeliner in Winter

5.  Enjoy another perfect way of trying white eyeliner in winter. Create wings in two colors, using black and white toned eyeliners. While the black eyeliner is applied on the upper lid, he white one is spread on the lower lash line. Opt for a thick line and join it with the edge of the black eyeliner.

Ways to Wear White Eyeliner in Winter

6.  If you seek for a low-maintaining look go for white eyeliner. For a soft touch, draw a slim line along your bottom lash line which will make your eyes look wider. Complete the look with the application of black, length-enhancing mascara in several coats.

Spice up your winter makeup with white eyeliner. Change your dull look into something thrilling and eye-catching in winter months.

Ways to Wear White Eyeliner in Winter


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